Comprehensive Physiology Wiley Online Library

Integrative Aspects of Respiratory Mechanics


Mechanical Properties of the Upper Airway
Kingman P. Strohl, James P. Butler, Atul Malhotra
Published online: July 2012
Complexity and Emergent Phenomena
Béla Suki, Jason H.T. Bates, Urs Frey
Published online: April 2011
Relationship Between Neuromuscular Respiratory Drive and Ventilatory Output
J. Milic‐Emili, W. A. Zin
Source: Handbook of Physiology
Breathing During Exercise
Brian J. Whipp, Richard L. Pardy
Source: Handbook of Physiology
Modifications of Breathing for Phonation
Donald F. Proctor
Source: Handbook of Physiology
G. Kim Prisk
Published online: January 2011
Mechanical Interaction of Respiration and Circulation
Solbert Permutt, Robert A. Wise
Source: Handbook of Physiology