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Function of Various Adipose Tissue Pads


Role of Perivascular Adipose Tissue in Health and Disease
Maria S. Fernández‐Alfonso, Beatriz Somoza, Dmitry Tsvetkov, Artur Kuczmanski, Mick Dashwood, Marta Gil‐Ortega
Published online: December 2017
Structure and Function of Bone Marrow Adipocytes
Francisco José Albuquerque de Paula, Clifford J. Rosen
Published online: December 2017
Brown and Beige Adipose Tissues in Health and Disease
Liangyou Rui
Published online: September 2017
Role of Epicardial Adipose Tissue in Health and Disease: A Matter of Fat?
Bénédicte Gaborit, Coralie Sengenes, Patricia Ancel, Alexis Jacquier, Anne Dutour
Published online: June 2017