Comprehensive Physiology Wiley Online Library

Metabolic and Muscle‐Related Disorders


Exercise and Type 1 Diabetes (T1DM)
Pietro Galassetti, Michael C. Riddell
Published online: July 2013
Metabolic Syndrome and Insulin Resistance: Underlying Causes and Modification by Exercise Training
Christian K. Roberts, Andrea L. Hevener, R. James Barnard
Published online: January 2013
Cancer, Physical Activity, and Exercise
Justin C. Brown, Kerri Winters‐Stone, Augustine Lee, Kathryn H. Schmitz
Published online: October 2012
Exercise and Osteoarthritis: Cause and Effects
Kim Bennell, Rana S. Hinman, Tim V. Wrigley, Mark W. Creaby, Paul Hodges
Published online: October 2011
Mechanisms of Exercise‐Induced Mitochondrial Biogenesis in Skeletal Muscle: Implications for Health and Disease
David A. Hood, Giulia Uguccioni, Anna Vainshtein, Donna D'souza
Published online: July 2011
Exercise and Muscular Dystrophy: Implications and Analysis of Effects on Musculoskeletal and Cardiovascular Systems
Matthew S. Barnabei, Joshua M. Martindale, DeWayne Townsend, Joseph M. Metzger
Published online: July 2011