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Neurochemicals in Ventilatory Control


Leptin: Master Regulator of Biological Functions that Affects Breathing
Estelle B. Gauda, Silvia Conde, Mirian Bassi, Daniel B. Zoccal, Debora Simoes Almeida Colombari, Eduardo Colombari, Nikola Despotovic
Published online: July 2020
Using Deep Brain Stimulation to Unravel the Mysteries of Cardiorespiratory Control
Alexander L. Green, David J. Paterson
Published online: July 2020
Orexin in Respiratory and Autonomic Regulation, Health and Diseases
Savannah Barnett, Aihua Li
Published online: March 2020
Neurotrophic Factors in Development and Regulation of Respiratory Control
Michael Ogier, Miriam Kron, David M. Katz
Published online: July 2013
Neuromodulation: Purinergic Signaling in Respiratory Control
Gregory D. Funk
Published online: January 2013
Neuronal Control of Breathing: Sex and Stress Hormones
Mary Behan, Richard Kinkead
Published online: October 2011