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Gas Exchange in Pregnancy

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The sections in this article are:

1 Pulmonary Gas Exchange
1.1 Ventilation
1.2 Diffusing Capacity
1.3 Pulmonary Blood Flow
2 Peripheral Gas Exchange
2.1 Oxygen Consumption and Carbon Dioxide Production
2.2 Respiratory Gas Transport by Maternal Blood
2.3 Organ Distribution of Increased Oxygen Consumption
3 Exercise in Pregnancy
4 Pregnancy at High Altitude
5 Maternal Respiration and Fetal Development
Figure 1. Figure 1.

Changes in lung volumes in women 7–9 months pregnant compared with changes in nonpregnant women. TLC, total lung capacity; IC, inspiratory capacity; FRC, functional residual capacity; VC, vital capacity; RV, residual volume; ERV, expiratory reserve volume.

From Novy and Edwards 58

Figure 1.

Changes in lung volumes in women 7–9 months pregnant compared with changes in nonpregnant women. TLC, total lung capacity; IC, inspiratory capacity; FRC, functional residual capacity; VC, vital capacity; RV, residual volume; ERV, expiratory reserve volume.

From Novy and Edwards 58
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