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Y. S. Prakash, Mayo Clinic


Managing Editor

Margaret Reich


Topic Editors


Cardiovascular Physiology


V. Somers, Mayo Clinic



R. Hester, University of Mississippi Medical Center


Respiratory Physiology

Control of Breathing

H. Forster, Medical College of Wisconsin

M. Hodges, Medical College of Wisconsin


Pulmonary Circulation and Non-Respiratory Functions

N. Jernigan, University of New Mexico

T. Resta, University of New Mexico


Gas Exchange

C. Hsia, UT Southwestern Medical Center


Pulmonary Mechanics

G. C. Sieck, Mayo Clinic


Exercise Physiology

Fundamentals of Exercise Physiology

M. Hargreaves, The University of Melbourne

M. J. Joyner, Mayo Clinic

D. Muoio, Duke University


Exercise Impairment in Chronic Disease

M. Hargreaves, The University of Melbourne

M. J. Joyner, Mayo Clinic

D. Muoio, Duke University


Renal Physiology

D. Pollock, University of Alabama at Birmingham




Autonomic Neuroscience

S. M. Barman, Michigan State University

J. J. Galligan, Michigan State University

S. F. Morrison, Oregon Health and Sciences University


Motor Control

A. Frigon, University of Sherbrooke


Sensory Neurophysiology

David T. Blake, Augusta University



Environmental Physiology

M. Sawka, Georgia Institute of Technology

I. Jaspers, University of North Carolina


Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology

Hepatobiliary Physiology

Y. Shah, University of Michigan


Intestinal Absorption

P. Dudeja, University of Illinois College of Medicine


Neural and Endocrine Biology

H. Raybould, University of California, Davis


Endocrinology and Metabolism

Adipose Tissue

A. Hasty, Vanderbilt University


Adrenal Gland and Stress

H. Raff, Medical College of Wisconsin



C. Brown, University of Otago




Physiological Genomics

A. Cowley, Medical College of Wisconsin

B. Joe, The University of Toledo

M. Liang, Medical College of Wisconsin


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