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Bombesin‐like Peptides

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The sections in this article are:

1 Isolation and Characterization of Mammalian Bombesin‐Like Peptides
2 Ontogeny and Species Differences
2.1 Ontogeny
2.2 Species Differences and Nomenclature
3 Distribution and Location
3.1 Mammalian Gut
3.2 Mammalian Sympathetic Ganglia and Spinal Cord
3.3 Mammalian Brain
3.4 Mammalian Lung
3.5 Nonmammalian Gut and Brain
4 Biological Activities and Physiological Role
4.1 Gastrin Release and Gastric Secretion
4.2 Cholecystokinin Release and Pancreatic Secretion
4.3 Gastrointestinal Smooth Muscle Effects
4.4 Hormone‐Releasing Effects of Bombesin and Gastrin‐Releasing Peptide
4.5 Effects on Electrolyte Transport
4.6 Trophic and Mitogenic Effects
4.7 Other Central Nervous System Effects
Figure 1. Figure 1.

Stimulation of gastrin secretion by bombesin from vascularly perfused rat stomach.

From Duval et al. 47
Figure 2. Figure 2.

Concentration‐response curves for effect of bombesin‐14 (open circles) and 3 natural canine gastrin‐releasing peptides [GRP27 (open triangle), GRP23 (open square), and GRP10 (closed circle)] on frequency of spontaneously occurring contractions in canine antrum.

From Mayer et al. 129

Figure 1.

Stimulation of gastrin secretion by bombesin from vascularly perfused rat stomach.

From Duval et al. 47

Figure 2.

Concentration‐response curves for effect of bombesin‐14 (open circles) and 3 natural canine gastrin‐releasing peptides [GRP27 (open triangle), GRP23 (open square), and GRP10 (closed circle)] on frequency of spontaneously occurring contractions in canine antrum.

From Mayer et al. 129
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