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Gut Peptide Agonism in the Treatment of Obesity and Diabetes
Gerald Grandl, Aaron Novikoff, Richard DiMarchi, Matthias H. Tschöp, Timo D. Müller
Published online: December 2019
Role of Complement and Complement‐Related Adipokines in Regulation of Energy Metabolism and Fat Storage
Jumana Saleh, Muna Al‐Maqbali, Dalia Abdel‐Hadi
Published online: September 2019
Chromaffin Cells of the Adrenal Medulla: Physiology, Pharmacology, and Disease
Emilio Carbone, Ricardo Borges, Lee E. Eiden, Antonio G. García, Arturo Hernández‐Cruz
Published online: September 2019
Neuroendocrine Regulation of Male Sexual Behavior
Elaine M. Hull, Juan M. Dominguez
Published online: September 2019
Impact of Estrogens on the Regulation of White, Beige, and Brown Adipose Tissue Depots
Gabriel B. Bernasochi, James R. Bell, Evan R. Simpson, Lea M.D. Delbridge, Wah Chin Boon
Published online: March 2019
Contribution of Adipose Tissue Inflammation to the Development of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Maggie S. Burhans, Derek K. Hagman, Jessica N. Kuzma, Kelsey A. Schmidt, Mario Kratz
Published online: December 2018
Androgens and the Regulation of Adiposity and Body Fat Distribution in Humans
André Tchernof, Dannick Brochu, Ina Maltais‐Payette, Mohamed Fouad Mansour, Geneviève B. Marchand, Anne‐Marie Carreau, Jordanna Kapeluto
Published online: September 2018
Adipose Organ Development and Remodeling
Saverio Cinti
Published online: September 2018
Adiponectin Regulation and Function
Han Fang, Robert L. Judd
Published online: June 2018
Structure and Function of Bone Marrow Adipocytes
Francisco José Albuquerque de Paula, Clifford J. Rosen
Published online: December 2017
Apelinergic System Structure and Function
Kyungsoo Shin, Calem Kenward, Jan K. Rainey
Published online: December 2017
Contribution of Adipose Tissue to Development of Cancer
Alyssa J. Cozzo, Ashley M. Fuller, Liza Makowski
Published online: December 2017
Adrenocortical Stress Response during the Course of Critical Illness
Bram Peeters, Lies Langouche, Greet Van den Berghe
Published online: December 2017
Role of Perivascular Adipose Tissue in Health and Disease
Maria S. Fernández‐Alfonso, Beatriz Somoza, Dmitry Tsvetkov, Artur Kuczmanski, Mick Dashwood, Marta Gil‐Ortega
Published online: December 2017
Leptin Function and Regulation
Yiying Zhang, Streamson Chua
Published online: December 2017
Regulation and Functions of the Renin‐Angiotensin System in White and Brown Adipose Tissue
Mandana Pahlavani, Nishan. S Kalupahana, Latha Ramalingam, Naima Moustaid‐Moussa
Published online: September 2017
Adipose Tissue in HIV Infection
John R. Koethe
Published online: September 2017
Adipose Tissue as a Site of Toxin Accumulation
Erin Jackson, Robin Shoemaker, Nika Larian, Lisa Cassis
Published online: September 2017
Impact of Adrenal Steroids on Regulation of Adipose Tissue
Marco Infante, Andrea Armani, Caterina Mammi, Andrea Fabbri, Massimiliano Caprio
Published online: September 2017
Brown and Beige Adipose Tissues in Health and Disease
Liangyou Rui
Published online: September 2017
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