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About Comprehensive Physiology

ISBN: 9780470650714
ISSN: 2040-4603

Impact Factor: 6.604

Key Features

  • A dynamic online quarterly review journal with the breadth and depth of a reference work
  • A world-class editorial team comprising leading names in the field
  • Fully citable content, indexed in MEDLINE/PubMed
  • Includes more than 30,000 pages of classic content digitized from the prestigious Handbook of Physiology series
  • As an online reference work, articles can be updated when new information is available
  • Find the information you need by searching or browsing by keywords, topic, or issue


Project Description

Comprehensive Physiology is the most authoritative and comprehensive collection of physiology information ever assembled, and uses the most powerful features of review journals and electronic reference works. Each article is commissioned not only to cover the latest key developments in the field, but to be the authoritative article on the subject.

This makes Comprehensive Physiology a valued reference work on the evolving science of physiology for researchers and clinicians. It also provides a useful teaching tool for instructors and an informative resource for medical students and other students in the life and health sciences.

The quarterly serial format of Comprehensive Physiology allows it to be indexed in the major indexing and abstracting services, including MEDLINE/PubMed and TRSI (formerly ISI), making it a reference work that is eligible for an Impact Factor.

Oversight of the ongoing editorial and scientific development of Comprehensive Physiology is provided by a distinguished Editorial Advisory Board (EAB) sponsored by the American Physiological Society and chaired by Editor-in-Chief Y. S. Prakash. The EAB in turn recruits a world-class team of Topic Editors who assign articles and recruit authors. For a full listing of Editors, go to the Editors page.

An additional feature of Comprehensive Physiology is the inclusion of more than 30,000 pages of content from the American Physiological Society's renowned Handbook of Physiology (HoP), which was published as a series of books from 1977 to 2008 and is presented here for the first time in digital format.