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For Librarians

Annual Subscription License

This option provides access to the active version of Comprehensive Physiology and to any content added or updated during the term of the subscription. The licensee must continue to subscribe each year in order to retain access to any of the content.

Benefits: You pay a significantly smaller amount up front, compared to the one-time purchase. In addition, some users may only want access to a particular title only for a limited period of time. This means that you will not have to pay for archival access rights you do not need.

Annual Subscription Pricing:

Academic* FTEs




Non-Academic** FTEs




Subscription Rate




FTEs = Full Time Equivalents
* for Academic Institutions: includes students and faculty, and excludes staff
** for Corporate/Government Institutions: includes all employees
Contact your Account Manager for more details about subscription pricing information.

One-Time License

This option provides current and archival access to Comprehensive Physiology for a one-time payment. A one-time purchase entitles the licensee to the active version of the title, available at the time of purchase, including all content added to the title in the calendar year in which the license is purchased. In subsequent years, you will have the option of purchasing Annual Updates to the titles, but there is no obligation to do so.

Benefits: Take advantage of one-time funding and non-subscription funds to pay for permanent electronic access to titles and content your users need. The one-time purchase option includes archival access.

Please consult the One-Time Order Pricing Worksheet.

Contact your Account Manager for more details about pricing information.

Non-Institutional (Individual) Subscribers

Individuals do not have the option to purchase a subscription to Comprehensive Physiology, but can recommend a subscription to their institution’s librarian. Individuals can also purchase access to individual articles via Pay-Per-View.