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The Roles of Cytochromes P‐450 in the Regulation of Steroidogenesis

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The sections in this article are:

1 Properties of Cytochromes P‐450
1.1 Chemical Properties
1.2 Spectral Properties
1.3 The P‐450 Cycle
1.4 The Mechanism of P‐450 Enzyme Activity
1.5 Reduction of Cytochrome P‐450
2 Synthesis of Steroid Hormones
2.1 Nomenclature
2.2 Pathways to Steroid Hormones
3 Individual Cytochromes P‐450
3.1 C27 Side‐Chain Cleavage P‐450
3.2 C21 Side‐Chain Cleavage P‐450 (Hydroxylase/Lyase)
4 C21 Hydroxylase
5 11β‐Hydroxylase and Aldehyde Synthetase
6 Aromatase
7 The Role of Membranes in the Actions of Cytochromes P‐450
7.1 The Steroidogenic Inner Mitochondrial Membrane
7.2 The Steroidogenic Endoplasmic Reticulum
8 Molecular Biology of Cytochromes P‐450
8.1 Cytochrome P‐450c27scc (CYPII)
8.2 Cytochrome P‐450 C21scc (17α‐hydroxylase) (CYP17)
8.3 Cytochrome P‐450 21‐Hydroxylase (CYP21)
8.4 Cytochrome P‐450 11β‐Hydroxylase (CYP11)
8.5 Aromatase (CYP19)
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