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Systemic Hypertension

The following collection of articles deal with hypertension in various systems of the body.

Renal Nerves and Long‐Term Control of Arterial Pressure
John W. Osborn,Jason D. Foss
Published online: March 2017
Smooth Muscle Ion Channels and Regulation of Vascular Tone in Resistance Arteries and Arterioles
Nathan R. Tykocki,Erika M. Boerman,William F. Jackson
Published online: March 2017
Contribution of Maladaptive Adipose Tissue Expansion to Development of Cardiovascular Disease
Guanghong Jia,Yan Jia,James R. Sowers
Published online: December 2016
Adhesion Molecules: Master Controllers of the Circulatory System
Eric P. Schmidt,Wolfgang M. Kuebler,Warren L. Lee,Gregory P. Downey
Published online: March 2016
Timothy W. Secomb
Published online: March 2016
Fetal Programming and Cardiovascular Pathology
Barbara T. Alexander,John Henry Dasinger,Suttira Intapad
Published online: March 2015
Peripheral Chemoreception and Arterial Pressure Responses to Intermittent Hypoxia
Nanduri R. Prabhakar,Ying‐Jie Peng,Ganesh K. Kumar,Jayasri Nanduri
Published online: March 2015
Nitric Oxide and the Cardiovascular System
Harold Glenn Bohlen
Published online: March 2015
Peripheral and Central Effects of Circulating Catecholamines
A. William Tank,Dona Lee Wong
Published online: December 2014
Regulation of Aldosterone Synthesis and Secretion
Wendy B. Bollag
Published online: August 2014
Pathophysiology, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Mineralocorticoid Disorders
Steven B. Magill
Published online: August 2014
Renal Vascular Structure and Rarefaction
Alejandro R. Chade
Published online: April 2013
Hypertension: Physiology and Pathophysiology
John E. Hall,Joey P. Granger,Jussara M. do Carmo,Alexandre A. da Silva,John Dubinion,Eric George,Shereen Hamza,Joshua Speed,Michael E. Hall
Published online: October 2012
Dopamine and Renal Function and Blood Pressure Regulation
Ines Armando,Van Anthony M. Villar,Pedro A. Jose
Published online: July 2011
Physiology of Endothelin and the Kidney
Donald E. Kohan,Edward W. Inscho,Donald Wesson,David M. Pollock
Published online: April 2011
Neural Control of Renal Function
Edward J. Johns,Ulla C. Kopp,Gerald F. DiBona
Published online: April 2011
The Kallikrein‐Kinin System as a Regulator of Cardiovascular and Renal Function
Nour‐Eddine Rhaleb,Xiao‐Ping Yang,Oscar A. Carretero
Published online: April 2011