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The sections in this article are:

1 Primary Structure
2 Kinetics of the Renin‐Angiotensinogen Reaction
3 Regulation
3.1 Hormonal Regulation
3.2 Transcriptional and Translational Regulation
3.3 In Vivo Manipulation of Angiotensinogen Gene Expression
4 Tissue Renin–Angiotensin Systems
4.1 Brain
4.2 Pituitary
4.3 Kidney
4.4 Adrenal
4.5 Heart
4.6 Vascular Tissue
4.7 Adipose Tissue
5 Angiotensinogen and the Acute‐Phase Reaction
6 Angiotensinogen and Essential Hypertension
7 Angiotensinogen and Preeclampsia
8 Angiotensinogen and Heart Disease
9 Summary
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