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Clearance Techniques

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The sections in this article are:

1 History
2 Limitations of Clearance Methods
3 Technical Considerations
3.1 Constant‐Infusion Technique
3.2 Other Techniques
3.3 Single‐Injection (Single‐Shot) Technique
4 Clearance Methods for Estimation of Glomerular Filtration Rate
4.1 Substances Used as Markers
5 Clearance Methods for Estimation of Renal Plasma Flow
5.1 Substances Used as Markers
5.2 p‐Aminohippurate Clearance in Renal Disease
5.3 Extraction of p‐Aminohippurate as' Index of Medullary Blood Flow
6 Clearance Methods for Analysis of Tubular Function
7 Localization of Water and Sodium Reabsorption
7.1 Estimation of Proximal Reabsorption from Urine Flow
7.2 Assessment of Sodium Reabsorption in Diluting Segment
7.3 Assessment of Sodium Reabsorption in Medullary Ascending Limb
7.4 Determination of Proximal Reabsorption Using Clearance of Lithium
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