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Chemical Agents in Cigarette Smoke

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The sections in this article are:

1 Smoking
1.1 Variations in Smoke Composition and Smoking
1.2 Sidestream Smoke Inhalation
2 Oxides of Nitrogen and Reaction Products
3 Other Compounds Containing Nitrogen
3.1 Amines
3.2 Nitrites
3.3 Alkaloids
3.4 Heterocyclics
4 Compounds Containing Oxygen and Sulfur
4.1 Alcohols
4.2 Phenols
4.3 Carbonyl Compounds
4.4 Acids
4.5 Heterocyclics
4.6 Compounds Containing Sulfur
5 Hydrocarbons
5.1 Alkanes, Alkenes, Alkines, and Simple Aromatics
5.2 Poly cyclic Aromatics
6 Effects of Soil Composition or Agricultural Practices on Smoke Composition
6.1 Trace Elements
6.2 Organic Pesticides
7 Biological Contaminants and their Toxic Metabolites in Smoke
7.1 Fungi
7.2 Viruses
8 Summary: The More Hazardous Substances in Smoke
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