Comprehensive Physiology Wiley Online Library

Animals and the Environment: Integrating from Genes to Organisms


Metabolic Flexibility: Hibernation, Torpor, and Estivation
James F. Staples
Published online: March 2016
Integrative Physiology of Fasting
Stephen M. Secor, Hannah V. Carey
Published online: March 2016
Metabolism at the Max: How Vertebrate Organisms Respond to Physical Activity
Michael S. Hedrick, Thomas V. Hancock, Stanley S. Hillman
Published online: September 2015
Coping with Thermal Challenges: Physiological Adaptations to Environmental Temperatures
Glenn J. Tattersall, Brent J. Sinclair, Philip C. Withers, Peter A. Fields, Frank Seebacher, Christine E. Cooper, Shane K. Maloney
Published online: July 2012
Life Under Water: Physiological Adaptations to Diving and Living at Sea
Michael Castellini
Published online: July 2012
Integration of Biological Clocks and Rhythms
Roberto Refinetti
Published online: April 2012
Insights into Biomedicine from Animal Adaptations
Michael A. Singer
Published online: October 2011
Anhydrobiosis: Cellular Adaptation to Extreme Dehydration
John H. Crowe, Lois M. Crowe, John E. Carpenter, Steven Petrelski, Folkert A. Hoekstra, Pedro De Araujo, Anita D. Panek
Source: Handbook of Physiology
Variations in Salinity, Osmolarity, and Water Availability: Vertebrates and Invertebrates
Raymond Gllles, Eric Delpire
Source: Handbook of Physiology
Daily and Seasonal Rhythms
Herbert A. Underwood, Gary T. Wassmer, Terry L. Page
Source: Handbook of Physiology
Mechanical and Metabolic Design of the Muscular System in Vertebrates
Lawrence C. Rome, Stan L. Lindstedt
Source: Handbook of Physiology
Temperature Relationships: From Molecules to Biogeography
George N. Somero
Source: Handbook of Physiology
Adaptations to Variations in Oxygen Tension by Vertebrates and Invertebrates
Peter L. Lutz, Kenneth B. Storey
Source: Handbook of Physiology