Comprehensive Physiology Wiley Online Library

Integrated Ventilatory Responses


Time Domains of the Hypoxic Ventilatory Response and Their Molecular Basis
Matthew E. Pamenter, Frank L. Powell
Published online: June 2016
Integration of Central and Peripheral Respiratory Chemoreflexes
Richard J.A. Wilson, Luc J. Teppema
Published online: March 2016
Effects of Anesthetics, Sedatives, and Opioids on Ventilatory Control
Eckehard A.E. Stuth, Astrid G. Stucke, Edward J. Zuperku
Published online: October 2012
Computational Models and Emergent Properties of Respiratory Neural Networks
Bruce G. Lindsey, Ilya A. Rybak, Jeffrey C. Smith
Published online: July 2012
Coordination of Breathing with Nonrespiratory Activities
Donald Bartlett, James C. Leiter
Published online: April 2012
Autonomic Neural Control of Intrathoracic Airways
Bradley J. Undem, Carl Potenzieri
Published online: April 2012
Control of Breathing During Exercise
Hubert V. Forster, Philippe Haouzi, Jerome A. Dempsey
Published online: January 2012
Metabolism, Temperature, and Ventilation
Jacopo P. Mortola, Michael Maskrey
Published online: October 2011