Comprehensive Physiology Wiley Online Library

Supplement 3: Handbook of Physiology, The Nervous System, Sensory Processes

Ian Darian-Smith
Pages: v-vi

Sensory Research in Historical Perspective: Some Philosophical Foundations of Perception
Richard Jung
Pages: 1-74

Julian Hochberg
Pages: 75-102

Detection and Discrimination of Environmental Change
Eugene Galanter
Pages: 103-121

Sensory Function in Animals
W. C. Stebbins, C. H. Brown, M. R. Petersen
Pages: 123-148

Organization of the Thalamocortical Complex and its Relation to Sensory Processes
E. G. Jones
Pages: 149-212

The Brain Stem Reticular Core and Sensory Function
Arnold B. Scheibel
Pages: 213-256

The Beginnings of Visual Perception: The Retinal Image and its Initial Encoding. Appendix: Fourier Transforms and Shift-Invariant Linear Operators
John I. Yellott, Brian A. Wandell, Tom N. Cornsweet
Pages: 257-316

The Vertebrate Retina
John E. Dowling, Mark W. Dubin
Pages: 317-339

Processing of Visual Information within the Retinostriate System
P. O. Bishop
Pages: 341-424

Neural Mechanisms of Color Vision
Russell L. De Valois, Gerald H. Jacobs
Pages: 425-456

The Superior Colliculus and Visual Function
Peter H. Schiller
Pages: 457-505

Postnatal Development of Function in the Mammalian Visual System
Donald E. Mitchell, Brian Timney
Pages: 507-555

Auditory Perception
David M. Green, Craig C. Wier
Pages: 557-594

Peripheral Mechanisms of Hearing
Peter Dallos
Pages: 595-637

Peripheral Neural Processing of Auditory Information
Nelson Y. S. Kiang, Nelson Y. S. Kiang
Pages: 639-674

Central Neural Mechanisms of Hearing
L. M. Aitkin, D. R. F. Irvine, W. R. Webster
Pages: 675-737

The Sense of Touch: Performance and Peripheral Neural Processes
Ian Darian-Smith
Pages: 739-788

Central Nervous Mechanisms in Mechanoreceptive Sensibility
Vernon B. Mountcastle
Pages: 789-878

Thermal Sensibility
Ian Darian-Smith
Pages: 879-913

Pain and Nociception
Edward R. Perl
Pages: 915-975

The Vestibular System
Jay M. Goldberg, César Fernández
Pages: 977-1022

Perception of the Body in Space: Mechanisms
Laurence R. Young
Pages: 1023-1066

Taste and Olfaction: Sensory Discrimination
Donald H. McBurney
Pages: 1067-1086

Central Neural Mechanisms of Taste
Ralph Norgren
Pages: 1087-1128

Hemispheric Specialization
Colwyn Trevarthen
Pages: 1129-1190