Comprehensive Physiology Wiley Online Library

Supplement 4: Handbook of Physiology, The Nervous System, Intrinsic Regulatory Systems of the Brain

Floyd E. Bloom
Pages: v-vi

Mechanisms of Transmitter Action in the Vertebrate Central Nervous System
George R. Siggins, Donna L. Gruol
Pages: 1-114

Mechanisms of Autonomic Integration
R. A. North
Pages: 115-153

Catecholaminergic Brain Stem Regulatory Systems
Anders Björklund, Olle Lindvall
Pages: 155-235

Specific Systems of the Reticular Core: Serotonin
G. K. Aghajanian, C. P. Vandermaelen
Pages: 237-256

Histaminergic Transmission in the Brain
Jean-Charles Schwartz, Monique Garbarg, Héléne Pollard
Pages: 257-316

Organization of Mammalian Neuroendocrine System
L. W. Swanson
Pages: 317-363

Central Nervous System Control of Nutrient Homeostasis
Stephen C. Woods, Gerald J. Taborsky, Daniel Porte
Pages: 365-411

Hypothalamohypophysiotropic Peptide Systems
Stephen M. Sagar, Joseph B. Martin
Pages: 413-462

Neurophysiology of Breathing in Mammals
Jack L. Feldman
Pages: 463-524

Neurogenic Control of the Vascular System: Focus on Cerebral Circulation
Christer Owman
Pages: 525-580

Central Control of Nociception
Walter Zieglgänsberger
Pages: 581-645

Reward, Motivation, Cognition: Psychobiology of Mesotelencephalic Dopamine Systems
H. C. Fibiger, A. G. Phillips
Pages: 647-675

Brain Monoamines, Homeostasis, and Adaptive Behavior
Edward M. Stricker, Michael J. Zigmond
Pages: 677-700

Neuronal Basis of Behavioral State Control
J. A. Hobson, M. Steriade
Pages: 701-823