Comprehensive Physiology Wiley Online Library

Supplement 15: Handbook of Physiology, Adipose Tissue

Albert E. Renold, George F. Cahill, Jr.
Pages: 1-4

Introduction--a perspective
H. E. Wertheimer
Pages: 5-12

Energy storage
Vincent P. Dole
Pages: 13-18

Relative importance of different tissues in the synthesis of fatty acids
P. Favarger
Pages: 19-24

Comparative anatomy of adipose tissue
Jean Vague, Robert Fenasse
Pages: 25-37

Adipose tissue in migratory birds
Eugene P. Odum
Pages: 37-44

Metabolic pathways in the insect fat body
Alisa Tietz
Pages: 45-54

Fat metabolism in fish
L. Tashima, George F. Jr. Cahill
Pages: 55-58

The physiological role of brown adipose tissue
Cliffe D. Joel
Pages: 59-86

The development of adipose tissue
F. Wassermann
Pages: 87-100

G. Simon
Pages: 101-108

The fine structure of adipose tissues
Leonard Napolitano
Pages: 109-124

Morphology of adipose tissue: a microscopic anatomy of fat
H. Sheldon
Pages: 125-139

Pathological anatomy of adipose tissue
C. G. Tedeschi
Pages: 141-168

Lipid components of adipose tissue
Bernard Jean Renaud
Pages: 169-176

Fatty substances containing ether linkages
Manfred L. Karnovsky, John R. Gilbertson
Pages: 177-179

Fatty acid patterns in human adipose tissue
Jules Hirsch
Pages: 181-189

Structural sugars in adipose tissue
J. Earle White
Pages: 191-196

Distribution of adrenergic nerve fibers in brown and white adipose tissue
C. Wirsén
Pages: 197-199

Structural aspects of adipose tissue: A summary attempting to synthesize the information contained in the preceding chapters
Joseph R. Williamson, Paul E. Lacy
Pages: 201-210

Fatty acid synthesis in adipose tissue
Donald B. Martin, P. Roy Vagelos
Pages: 211-216

Triglyceride metabolism
B. Shapiro
Pages: 217-223

Enzymes involved in carbohydrate metabolism in adipose tissue
G. Weber, H. J. Hird, N. B. Stamm, D. S. Wagle
Pages: 225-237

Glyceride biosynthesis, glyceride breakdown and glycogen breakdown in adipose tissue: mechanisms and regulation
Martha Vaughan, Daniel Steinberg
Pages: 239-251

Pathways of glucose metabolism I
Bernard R. Landau
Pages: 253-272

Pathways of glucose metabolism II
J. P. Flatt, Eric G. Ball
Pages: 273-279

Fructose metabolism in adipose tissue from normal and diabetic rats
E. R. Froesch
Pages: 281-293

The clearing factor lipase activity of adipose tissue
D. S. Robinson
Pages: 295-299

Adipose tissue lipases II
Charles H. Hollenberg
Pages: 301-307

Hormone-sensitive lipolytic activity of adipose tissue
Martin A. Rizack
Pages: 309-311

Glycogen metabolism in adipose tissue
Eleazar Shafrir, Benyamin Shapiro, Ernst Wertheimer
Pages: 313-318

Adipose tissue in diabetes
Albert I. Winegrad
Pages: 319-329

Regulation of fatty acid release with particular reference to pituitary factors
M. S. Raben
Pages: 331-334

Release of free fatty acids from adipose tissue in vitro in relation to rates of triglyceride synthesis and degradation
Daniel Steinberg, Martha Vaughan
Pages: 335-347

Lipid peroxidation
William S. Lynn
Pages: 349-354

Net gas exchange and oxygen consumption
Eric G. Ball, Robert L. Jungas
Pages: 355-361

Conversion of amino acids to fatty acids
D. D. Feller
Pages: 363-373

Amino acid and protein metabolism
M. Guillermo Herrera, Albert E. Renold
Pages: 375-383

Regulation of fatty acid esterification in adipose tissue incubated in vitro
Bernard Leboeuf
Pages: 385-391

Effect of feeding on fatty acid synthesis
Guy Hollifield, William Parson
Pages: 393-398

Effects of aging on the composition and metabolism of adipose tissue in the rat
Alfred Gellhorn, William Benjamin
Pages: 399-405

Effect of biologically active peptides on adipose tissue
I. Arthur Mirsky
Pages: 407-415

Comparative physiology of adipose tissue in different sites and in different species
Eleazar Shafrir, Ernst Wertheimer
Pages: 417-429

Selective labeling of adipose tissue in vivo
Y. Stein, O. Stein
Pages: 431-435

Perfusion of isolated adipose tissue: FFA release and blood flow in rat parametrial fat body
Robert O. Scow
Pages: 437-453

Metabolism of human adipose tissue in vitro
J. Hirsch, B. Goldrick
Pages: 455-470

The metabolism of isolated fat cells
Martin Rodbell
Pages: 471-482

Metabolism of isolated adipose tissue: a summary
Albert E. Renold, George F. Cahill
Pages: 483-490

Chylomicron metabolism: uptake and metabolism by perfused adipose tissue
Martin Rodbell, Robert O. Scow
Pages: 491-498

Metabolism of lipids in chylomicrons and very low-density lipoproteins
Richard J. Havel
Pages: 499-507

Particulate lipid components in plasma
Edwin L. Bierman
Pages: 509-518

Effect of dietary and endocrine factors on adipose tissue growth
Franz X. Hausberger
Pages: 519-528

The pituitary gland and the mobilization of fat
E. B. Astwood
Pages: 529-532

The adipokinetic property of hypophyseal peptides and catecholamines: a problem in comparative endocrinology
Daniel Rudman, Mario Di Girolamo, Martin F. Malkin, Luis A. Garcia
Pages: 533-539

In vivo and in vitro adipokinetic effects of corticotropin and related peptides
Harold E. Lebovitz, Frank L. Engel
Pages: 541-547

Lipid-mobilizing activity during fasting
T. M. Chalmers
Pages: 549-555

Inhibition of lipid mobilization
Lars A. Carlson, Peter R. Bally
Pages: 557-574

Autonomic nervous system and adipose tissue
Richard J. Havel
Pages: 575-582

Autonomic nervous system and adipose tissue
Bernard B. Brodie, Roger P. Maickel, Daniel N. Stern
Pages: 583-600

Action of lipomobilizing hormones on adipose tissue
B. Mosinger
Pages: 601-612

Psychogenic effects on lipid mobilization
Morton D. Bogdonoff, Claude R. Nichols
Pages: 613-616

Alan Kekwick
Pages: 617-624

Some physiological and clinical implications of lipid mobilization from adipose tissue
Lars A. Carlson, Jonas Boberg, Birgitta Hõgstedt
Pages: 625-644

Metabolism of adipose tissue in experimental obesity
Jean Mayer
Pages: 645-651

The measurement of human adipose tissue mass
William I. Morse, J. Stuart Soeldner
Pages: 653-659

Lipid composition and metabolism of subcutaneous adipose tissue and lipoma of man
Alfred Gellhorn, William Benjamin
Pages: 661-665

Boris Senior
Pages: 667-673

Effect of adipose tissue extracts on the insulin activity of human serum
Walter N. Shaw
Pages: 675-680

Regulation of adipose tissue metabolism within the intact organism: a summary
George F. Cahill, Albert E. Renold
Pages: 681-684

Pages: 685-824