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Internet of Things (IoT) System and Field Sensors for Exercise Intensity Measurements
Shizue Masuki, Mayuko Morikawa, Hiroshi Nose
Published online: July 2020
Aging and Physiological Lessons from Master Athletes
Hirofumi Tanaka, Takashi Tarumi, Jörn Rittweger
Published online: December 2019
Physical Exercise in the Oldest Old
Pedro L. Valenzuela, Adrián Castillo‐García, Javier S. Morales, Mikel Izquierdo, José A. Serra‐Rexach, Alejandro Santos‐Lozano, Alejandro Lucia
Published online: September 2019
Exercise and Cardiovascular Progenitor Cells
Rian Q. Landers‐Ramos, Ryan M. Sapp, Daniel D. Shill, James M. Hagberg, Steven J. Prior
Published online: March 2019
Exercise Training in Cancer Control and Treatment
Jesper Frank Christensen, Casper Simonsen, Pernille Hojman
Published online: December 2018
Regulation of Red Blood Cell Volume with Exercise Training
David Montero, Carsten Lundby
Published online: December 2018
Integration of Central and Peripheral Regulation of the Circulation during Exercise: Acute and Chronic Adaptations
Patrick J. Mueller, Philip S. Clifford, Craig G. Crandall, Scott A. Smith, Paul J. Fadel 
Published online: December 2017
Skeletal Muscle Changes in Chronic Cardiac Disease and Failure
Peter J. Kennel, Donna M. Mancini, P. Christian Schulze
Published online: September 2015
Mechanisms Modulating Skeletal Muscle Phenotype
Bert Blaauw, Stefano Schiaffino, Carlo Reggiani
Published online: October 2013
Muscle as a Secretory Organ
Bente K. Pedersen
Published online: July 2013
Exercise and Type 1 Diabetes (T1DM)
Pietro Galassetti, Michael C. Riddell
Published online: July 2013
Pulmonary Gas Exchange and Acid‐Base Balance During Exercise
Michael K. Stickland, Michael I. Lindinger, I. Mark Olfert, George J. F. Heigenhauser, Susan R. Hopkins
Published online: April 2013
Parkinson Disease and Exercise
Gammon M. Earhart, Michael J. Falvo
Published online: April 2013
Metabolic Syndrome and Insulin Resistance: Underlying Causes and Modification by Exercise Training
Christian K. Roberts, Andrea L. Hevener, R. James Barnard
Published online: January 2013
The Influence of Exercise on Cognitive Abilities
Fernando Gomez‐Pinilla, Charles Hillman
Published online: January 2013
The Control of Movement Following Traumatic Brain Injury
Dorothy A. Kozlowski, J. Leigh Leasure, Timothy Schallert
Published online: January 2013
Cancer, Physical Activity, and Exercise
Justin C. Brown, Kerri Winters‐Stone, Augustine Lee, Kathryn H. Schmitz
Published online: October 2012
Exercise Training and Peripheral Arterial Disease
Tara L. Haas, Pamela G. Lloyd, Hsiao‐Tung Yang, Ronald L. Terjung
Published online: October 2012
Characterization and Regulation of Mechanical Loading‐Induced Compensatory Muscle Hypertrophy
Gregory R. Adams, Marcas M. Bamman
Published online: October 2012
Sensory Systems in the Control of Movement
Arthur Prochazka, Peter Ellaway
Published online: October 2012
Listings: 1-20   21-40   41-60   61-67