Comprehensive Physiology Wiley Online Library

Supplement 5: Handbook of Physiology, The Nervous System, Higher Functions of the Brain

Fred Plum
Pages: v-v

Neuroscience and Higher Brain Function: From Myth to Public Responsibility
Fred Plum, Bruce T. Volpe
Pages: 1-23

Cell Biological Studies of Learning in Simple Vertebrate and Invertebrate Systems
Robert D. Hawkins, Gregory A. Clark, Eric R. Kandel
Pages: 25-83

Plasticity in Adult Avian Central Nervous System: Possible Relation Between Hormones, Learning, and Brain Repair
Fernando Nottebohm
Pages: 85-108

Neurogenetics and Behavior Related to Higher Brain Functions
Verne S. Caviness
Pages: 109-135

Mechanisms of Learning in Complex Neural Systems
John C. Eccles
Pages: 137-167

Diffuse Cortical Projection Systems: Anatomical Organization and Role in Cortical Function
Clifford B. Saper
Pages: 169-210

Memory: Anatomical Organization of Candidate Brain Regions
David G. Amaral
Pages: 211-294

Memory: Neural Organization and Behavior
Larry R. Squire
Pages: 295-371

Circuitry of Primate Prefrontal Cortex and Regulation of Behavior by Representational Memory
Patricia S. Goldman-Rakic
Pages: 373-417

Joseph E. LeDoux
Pages: 419-459

Attention: Behavior and Neural Mechanisms
Kenneth M. Heilman, Robert T. Watson, Edward Valenstein, Michael E. Goldberg
Pages: 461-481

Inferior Parietal Lobule Function in Spatial Perception and Visuomotor Integration
Richard A. Andersen
Pages: 483-518

Electrophysiology of Cognition
Steven A. Hillyard, Terence W. Picton
Pages: 519-584

Preattentive Human Vision: Link Between Neurophysiology and Psychophysics
Bela Julesz
Pages: 585-604

Artificial Intelligence: Computational Approach to Vision and Motor Control
Ellen C. Hildreth
Pages: 605-642

Circulatory and Metabolic Correlates of Brain Function in Normal Humans
Marcus E. Raichle
Pages: 643-674

Language in Humans and Animals: Contribution of Brain Stimulation and Recording
George A. Ojemann, Otto D. Creutzfeldt
Pages: 675-699

Cerebral Lateralization and Specialization in Human Central Nervous System
Ruth D. Nass, Michael S. Gazzaniga
Pages: 701-761

Abnormalities of Motor Behavior After Cortical Lesions in Humans
Hans-Joachim Freund
Pages: 763-810

Epilepsy: Insights into Higher Brain Functions in Humans
Robert C. Collins
Pages: 811-841

Schizophrenia: Nature of the Disease Process and its Biological Correlates
Timothy J. Crow, Eve C. Johnstone
Pages: 843-869

Neural Correlates of Cognitive Impairment in Alzheimer's Disease
Gary W. Van Hoesen, Antonio R. Damasio
Pages: 871-998