Comprehensive Physiology Wiley Online Library

Supplement 7: Handbook of Physiology, The Cardiovascular System, Vascular Smooth Muscle

David F. Bohr, Andrew P. Somlyo, Harvey V. Sparks
Pages: v-v

Architecture of the Vessel Wall
Johannes A. G. Rhodin
Pages: 1-31

Ultrastructure of Vascular Smooth Muscle
Avril V. Somlyo
Pages: 33-67

Morphogenesis of Vascular Smooth Muscle in Atherosclerosis and Cell Culture
Russell Ross, Beverly Kariya
Pages: 69-91

Biochemistry of the Contractile Proteins of Smooth Muscle
D. J. Hartshorne, A. Gorecka
Pages: 93-120

Isolated Membranes and Organelles from Vascular Smooth Muscle
Bonnie F. Sloane
Pages: 121-132

Lysosomes in Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells
Stanley Fowler, Harvey Wolinsky
Pages: 133-160

Lipid Metabolism of Arterial Smooth Muscle
Sam Hashimoto, Seymour Dayton
Pages: 161-177

Cyclic Nucleotides and Blood Vessel Contraction
George L. Kramer, Joel G. Hardman
Pages: 179-199

Chemical Energetics of Vascular Smooth Muscle
R. J. Paul
Pages: 201-235

High-Energy Phosphates in Smooth Muscle
Thomas M. Butler, Robert E. Davies
Pages: 237-252

Content and Fluxes of Electrolytes
Allan W. Jones
Pages: 253-299

Electrophysiology and Excitation-Contraction Coupling
Börje Johansson, Andrew P. Somlyo
Pages: 301-323

Mechanics of Vascular Smooth Muscle
R. A. Murphy
Pages: 325-351

Circulatory Correlates: Vascular Impedance, Resistance, and Capacity
Barry S. Gow
Pages: 353-408

The Myogenic Response
Paul C. Johnson
Pages: 409-442

Physical Factors of Regulation
Paul M. Vanhoutte
Pages: 443-474

Effect of Local Metabolic Factors on Vascular Smooth Muscle
Harvey V. Sparks
Pages: 475-513

Adrenergic Regulation of Vascular Smooth Muscle
John A. Bevan, Rosemary D. Bevan, Sue P. Duckles
Pages: 515-566

Cholinergic and Purinergic Regulation of Blood Vessels
Geoffrey Burnstock
Pages: 567-612

Intrinsic Prostaglandin Biosynthesis in Blood Vessels
Philip Needleman, Peter C. Isakson
Pages: 613-633

Evolution and Diversity of Nonstriated Muscles
C. Ladd Prosser
Pages: 635-670