Comprehensive Physiology Wiley Online Library

Supplement 13: Handbook of Physiology, The Respiratory System, Gas Exchange

Leon E. Farhi, S. Marsh Tenney
Pages: vii-vii

An Overview of Gas Exchange
Arthur B. Otis
Pages: 1-11

Laws of Physics Pertaining to Gas Exchange
Ralph H. Kellogg
Pages: 13-31

Diffusion of Gases
H. K. Chang
Pages: 33-50

Diffusion and Convection in Intrapulmonary Gas Mixing
Johannes Piiper, Peter Scheid
Pages: 51-69

Diffusion of Gases Across the Alveolar Membrane
Robert E. Forster
Pages: 71-88

Facilitated Diffusion of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide
Ferdinand Kreuzer, Louis Hoofd
Pages: 89-111

Ventilation: Total, Alveolar, and Dead Space
N. R. Anthonisen, J. A. Fleetham
Pages: 113-129

Phylogeny of the Gas-Exchange System: Red Cell Function
Stephen C. Wood, Claude Lenfant
Pages: 131-146

Blood Oxygen Transport
Rosemarie Baumann, Heinz Bartels, Christian Bauer
Pages: 147-172

Carbon Dioxide Transport
Robert A. Klocke
Pages: 173-197

Ventilation-Perfusion Relationships
Leon E. Farhi
Pages: 199-215

Diffusing-Capacity Heterogeneity
Michael P. Hlastala
Pages: 217-232

Measurement of Cardiac Output by Alveolar Gas Exchange
Marvin A. Sackner
Pages: 233-255

Peripheral Inert-Gas Exchange
Peter D. Wagner
Pages: 257-281

Gas Exchange in Body Cavities
Stephen H. Loring, James P. Butler
Pages: 283-295

Gas Exchange in Exercise
Paolo Cerretelli, Pietro E. Di Prampero
Pages: 297-339

Gas Exchange in Pregnancy
James Metcalfe, John M. Bissonnette
Pages: 341-350

Respiratory Gas Exchange in the Placenta
Lawrence D. Longo
Pages: 351-401

Gas Exchange in Hypoxia, Apnea, and Hyperoxia
Stephen M. Cain
Pages: 403-420

Gas Exchange in Acid-Base Disturbances
Eugene E. Nattie
Pages: 421-438

Carbon Monoxide Toxicity
Ronald F. Coburn, Henry Jay Forman
Pages: 439-456