Comprehensive Physiology Wiley Online Library

Supplement 29: Handbook of Physiology, Exercise: Regulation and Integration of Multiple Systems

Loring B. Rowell, John T. Shepherd
Pages: v-viii

The Physiological Control of Motoneuron Activity
Marc D. Binder, C. J. Heckman, Randall K. Powers
Pages: 3-53

Neuromuscular Adaptation
V. R. Edgerton, S. Bodine-Fowler, R. R. Roy, A. Ishihara, J. A. Hodgson
Pages: 54-88

Proprioceptive Feedback and Movement Regulation
Arthur Prochazka
Pages: 89-127

Kinesthesia: Roles for Afferent Signals and Motor Commands
Simon C. Gandevia
Pages: 128-172

Neural Control of Stereotypic Limb Movements
Serge Rossignol
Pages: 173-216

The Corticospinal System: A Structural Framework for the Central Control of Movement
Richard P. Dum, Peter L. Strick
Pages: 217-254

Postural Orientation and Equilibrium
Fay B. Horak, Jane M. Macpherson
Pages: 255-292

Biomechanical Insights into Neural Control of Movement
Ronald F. Zernicke, Judith L. Smith
Pages: 293-330

Central Neural Control of Respiration and Circulation During Exercise
Tony G. Waldrop, Frederic L. Eldridge, Gary A. Iwamoto, Jere H. Mitchell
Pages: 333-380

Reflexes Controlling Circulatory, Ventilatory and Airway Responses to Exercise
Marc P. Kaufman, Hubert V. Forster
Pages: 381-447

Airway, Lung, and Respiratory Muscle Function During Exercise
Jerome A. Dempsey, Lewis Adams, Dorothy M. Ainsworth, Ralph F. Fregosi, Charles G. Gallagher, Abe Guz, Bruce D. Johnson, Scott K. Powers
Pages: 448-514

Determinants of Gas Exchange and Acid-Base Balance During Exercise
Robert L. Johnson, George J. F. Heigenhauser, Connie C. W. Hsia, Norman L. Jones, Peter D. Wagner
Pages: 515-584

Pulmonary Hemodynamics and Fluid Exchange in the Lungs During Exercise
John T. Reeves, Aubrey E. Taylor
Pages: 585-613

Lactate Transport and Exchange During Exercise
L. Bruce Gladden
Pages: 614-648

Cardiac Output During Exercise: Contributions of the Cardiac, Circulatory, and Respiratory Systems
Joseph S. Janicki, Don D. Sheriff, James L. Robotham, Robert A. Wise
Pages: 649-704

Control of Blood Flow to Cardiac and Skeletal Muscle During Exercise
M. Harold Laughlin, Ronald J. Korthuis, Dirk J. Duncker, Robert J. Bache
Pages: 705-769

Integration of Cardiovascular Control Systems in Dynamic Exercise
Loring B. Rowell, Donal S. O'Leary, Dean L. Kellogg
Pages: 770-838

Cellular Processes Integrating the Metabolic Response to Exercise
Ronald A. Meyer, Jeanne M. Foley
Pages: 841-869

Control of Glycolysis and Glycogen Metabolism
Richard J. Connett, Kent Sahlin
Pages: 870-911

Glucose Utilization
Erik A. Richter
Pages: 912-951

Lipid Metabolism in Muscle
Ger J. Van Der Vusse, Robert S. Reneman
Pages: 952-994

Influence of Exercise on Protein and Amino Acid Metabolism
Michael J. Rennie
Pages: 995-1035

Regulation of Extramuscular Fuel Sources During Exercise
David H. Wasserman, Alan D. Cherrington
Pages: 1036-1074

Muscle Plasticity: Energy Demand and Supply Processes
Frank W. Booth, Kenneth M. Baldwin
Pages: 1075-1123

Regulation of Gene Expression in Skeletal Muscle by Contractile Activity
R. Sanders Williams, P. Darrell Neufer
Pages: 1124-1150

Cellular, Molecular, and Metabolic Basis of Muscle Fatigue
Robert H. Fitts
Pages: 1151-1183