Comprehensive Physiology Wiley Online Library

Supplement 6: Handbook of Physiology, The Cardiovascular System, The Heart

Ernest Page, Harry A. Fozzard, R. John Solaro
Pages: v-v

Ultrastructure of the Heart
Margaret Ann Goldstein, John P. Schroeter
Pages: 3-74

Cellular Basis of Physiological and Pathological Myocardial Growth
Piero Anversa, Giorgio Olivetti
Pages: 75-144

Cell Physiology and Cell Biology of Myocardial Cell Caveolae
Ernest Page, Hiroshi Iida, Donald D. Doyle
Pages: 145-168

Gap Junctions in the Cardiovascular System
David C. Spray, Sylvia O. Suadicani, Miduturu Srinivas, David E. Gutstein, Glenn I. Fishman
Pages: 169-212

Vagal Preganglionic Neurons Innervating the Heart
K. Michael Spyer
Pages: 213-239

Kinetics of the Actin-Myosin Interaction
Jeffery W. Walker
Pages: 240-263

Modulation of Cardiac Myofilament Activity by Protein Phosphorylation
R. John Solaro
Pages: 264-300

Cardiac Sarcoplasmic Reticulum Ca2+‐ATPase
Michihiko Tada, Toshihiko Toyofuku
Pages: 301-334

Regulation of Cellular Calcium in Cardiac Myocytes
Donald M. Bers
Pages: 335-387

The Cardiac Na+‐Ca2+ Exchanger
Larry V. Hryshko
Pages: 388-419

Regulation of Cardiac Contraction by Calcium
Richard L. Moss, Scott H. Buck
Pages: 420-454

Normal and Abnormal Conduction in the Heart
André G. Kléber, Michiel J. Janse, Vladimir G. Fast
Pages: 455-530

The Cardiac Ventricular Action Potential
Yoram Rudy
Pages: 531-547

Ion Channels in the Heart: Cellular and Molecular Properties of Cardiac Na, Ca, and K Channels
Bronagh Heath, Kevin Gingrich, Robert S. Kass
Pages: 548-567

Molecular Analysis of Voltage‐Gated K+ Channel Diversity and Functioning in the Mammalian Heart
Jeanne M. Nerbonne
Pages: 568-594

Modulation of Electrical Properties by Ions, Hormones, and Drugs
Masayasu Hiraoka
Pages: 595-653

Electrical Heterogeneity in the Heart: Physiological, Pharmacological and Clinical Implications
Charles Antzelevitch, Robert Dumaine
Pages: 654-692

Newly Cloned Threshold Channels
Dorothy A. Hanck, Ruth L. Martin, Jan Tytgat, Chris Ulens
Pages: 693-708

Ion Channels and Cardiac Arrhythmia in Heart Disease
Jonathan C. Makielski, Harry A. Fozzard
Pages: 709-740

Systolic and Diastolic Function (Mechanics) of the Intact Heart
James W. Covell, John Ross
Pages: 741-785

A Modern View of Heart Failure: Practical Applications of Cardiovascular Physiology
Arnold M. Katz
Pages: 786-804