Comprehensive Physiology Wiley Online Library

Supplement 16: Handbook of Physiology, The Gastrointestinal System, Motility and Circulation

Gastrointestinal Physiology, 1895-1975: Motility
Horace W. Davenport
Pages: 1-101

Structure of intestinal musculature
Giorgio Gabella, Richard O'Brien, Daryl K. Granner
Pages: 103-139

Distribution and exchange of electrolytes in gastrointestinal muscle cells
R. Casteels, G. Droogmans, L. Raeymaekers
Pages: 141-162

Electrophysiology of dissociated gastrointestinal muscle cells
Kenton M. Sanders
Pages: 163-185

Electrophysiology of the gastric musculature
Kenton M. Sanders, Nelson G. Publicover
Pages: 187-216

Electrophysiology of the intestinal musculature
T. B. Bolton
Pages: 217-250

Electrophysiology of colonic smooth muscle
Kenton M. Sander, Terence K. Smith
Pages: 251-271

Mechanical properties of gastrointestinal smooth muscle
Richard A. Meiss
Pages: 273-329

Enteric neurons in culture
Alan L. Willard, Rae Nishi
Pages: 331-347

Interstitial cells of Cajal
Lars Thuneberg
Pages: 349-386

Identification of transmitters of functionally defined enteric neurons
John B. Furness, Marcello Costa
Pages: 387-402

Neurotransmitter release in the enteric nervous system
William M. Yau
Pages: 403-433

Neuromuscular transmission in the gastrointestinal tract
Charles H. V. Hoyle, Geoffrey Burnstock
Pages: 435-464

Electrical and synaptic behavior of enteric neurons
Jackie D. Wood
Pages: 465-517

Physiology of prevertebral ganglia in mammals with special reference to inferior mesenteric ganglion
J. H. Szurszewski, B. F. King
Pages: 519-592

Sensory afferents from the gastrointestinal tract
David Grundy, Tim Scratcherd
Pages: 593-620

Control centers in the central nervous system for regulating gastrointestinal motility
Richard A. Gillis, John A. Quest, Francis D. Pagani, Wesley P. Norman
Pages: 621-683

Central nervous system mechanisms in deglutition and emesis
David O. Carpenter
Pages: 685-714

Pharmacology of drugs acting on gastrointestinal motility
Edwin E. Daniel, Stephen M. Collins, Jo-Ann E. T. Fox, Jan D. Huizinga
Pages: 715-757

Pharmacology of neuroendocrine peptides
Edwin E. Daniel, Stephen M. Collins, Jo-Ann E. T. Fox, Jan D. Huizinga
Pages: 759-816

In vivo myoelectric activity: methods, analysis, and interpretation
Sushil K. Sarna
Pages: 817-863

Esophageal motility
Raj K. Goyal, William G. Paterson
Pages: 865-908

Determinants of gastric emptying and transit in the small intestine
Juan-R. Malagelada, Fernando Azpiroz
Pages: 909-937

Colonic motility
James Christensen
Pages: 939-973

Villous motility
William A. Womack, Peter R. Kvietys, D. Neil Granger
Pages: 975-986

Sphincteric function
Maria Papasova
Pages: 987-1023

Motor function of anorectum and pelvic floor musculature
Jacob Krier
Pages: 1025-1053

Motility of the biliary system
Wylie J. Dodds, Walter J. Hogan, Joseph E. Geenen
Pages: 1055-1101

Pharmacology of biliary tract
Jose Behar, Piero Biancani
Pages: 1103-1131

Parasite infections and gastrointestinal motility
Gilbert A. Castro
Pages: 1133-1152

Alterations of small intestine motility by bacteria and their enterotoxins
John R. Mathias, Mary H. Clench
Pages: 1153-1177

Motor and myoelectric activity associated with vomiting, regurgitation, and nausea
Ivan M. Lang, Sushil K. Sarna
Pages: 1179-1198

Adaptation to surgical perturbations
Maria Papasova, Elena Atanassova
Pages: 1199-1224

Gastrointestinal motor functions in ruminants
Yves Ruckebusch
Pages: 1225-1282

Avian gastrointestinal motor function
Gary E. Duke
Pages: 1283-1300

Histoanatomy and ultrastructure of vasculature of alimentary tract
B. J. Gannon, M. A. Perry
Pages: 1301-1334

Gastrointestinal blood flow-measuring techniques
A. P. Shepherd, David J. Horrigan
Pages: 1335-1370

Physiology of gastric circulation
Paul H. Guth, Felix W. Leung, Gordon L. Kauffman
Pages: 1371-1404

Microcirculation of the intestinal mucosa
D. Neil Granger, Peter R. Kvietys, Ronald J. Korthuis, Andre J. Premen
Pages: 1405-1474

Gastrointestinal circulation and motor function
Ching Chung Chou
Pages: 1475-1518

Hepatic circulation
Clive V. Greenway, W. Wayne Lautt
Pages: 1519-1564

Circulation of the pancreas and salivary glands
Peter R. Kvietys, D. Neil Granger, Scot L. Harper
Pages: 1565-1595

Neonatal intestinal circulation
Philip T. Nowicki
Pages: 1597-1603

Electrophysiological and neuromuscular relationships in extramural blood vessels
D. L. Kreulen, K. D. Keef
Pages: 1605-1634

Neuromuscular transmission in intramural blood vessels
G. D. S. Hirst
Pages: 1635-1665

Neurohormonal control of gastrointestinal blood flow
Mats Jodal, Ove Lundgren
Pages: 1667-1711

Pathophysiology of gastrointestinal circulation
Robert H. Gallavan, Dale A. Parks, Eugene D. Jacobson
Pages: 1713-1732

Gastrointestinal lymphatics
J. A. Barrowman, P. Tso
Pages: 1733-1777