Comprehensive Physiology Wiley Online Library

Supplement 2: Handbook of Physiology, The Nervous System, Motor Control

Vernon B. Brooks
Pages: v-vii

Comments on History of Motor Control
Ragnar Granit
Pages: 1-16

Mechanics of Skeleton and Tendons
R. McNeill Alexander
Pages: 17-42

Muscle, the Motor
L. D. Partridge, L. A. Benton
Pages: 43-106

Transmitters in Motor Systems
K. Krnjević
Pages: 107-154

Motor Prostheses
J. Thomas Mortimer
Pages: 155-187

Muscle Spindles: Their Messages and Their Fusimotor Supply
Peter B. C. Matthews
Pages: 189-228

Limitations of Somatosensory Feedback in Control of Posture and Movement
Peter M. H. Rack
Pages: 229-256

Neural Control of Muscle Length and Tension
James C. Houk, W. Zev Rymer
Pages: 257-323

Tremor and Clonus
Richard B. Stein, Robert G. Lee
Pages: 325-343

Motor Units: Anatomy, Physiology, and Functional Organization
R. E. Burke
Pages: 345-422

Functional Organization of Motoneuron Pool and its Inputs
Elwood Henneman, Lorne M. Mendell
Pages: 423-507

Integration in Spinal Neuronal Systems
Fausto Baldissera, Hans Hultborn, Michael Illert
Pages: 509-595

Anatomy of the Descending Pathways
H. G. J. M. Kuypers
Pages: 597-666

Vestibulospinal and Reticulospinal Systems
Victor J. Wilson, Barry W. Peterson
Pages: 667-702

The Pyramidal Tract
Hiroshi Asanuma
Pages: 703-733

Cerebellar Afferent Systems
James R. Bloedel, Jacques Courville
Pages: 735-829

Electrophysiology of the Cerebellar Networks
Rodolfo R. Llinás
Pages: 831-876

Cerebellar Control of Posture and Movement
Vernon B. Brooks, W. Thomas Thach
Pages: 877-946

Anatomy of the Corpus Striatum and Brain Stem Integrating Systems
Malcolm B. Carpenter
Pages: 947-995

Electrophysiology of the Corpus Striatum and Brain Stem Integrating Systems
S. T. Kitai
Pages: 997-1015

Motor Functions of the Basal Ganglia
Mahlon R. DeLong, Apostolos P. Georgopoulos
Pages: 1017-1061

Internal Organization of the Motor Cortex for Input-Output Arrangements
R. Porter
Pages: 1063-1081

Role of Motor Cortex in Voluntary Movements in Primates
Edward V. Evarts
Pages: 1083-1120

Organization of Secondary Motor Areas of Cerebral Cortex
Mario Wiesendanger
Pages: 1121-1147

Prefrontal Cortex in Motor Control
Joaquin M. Fuster
Pages: 1149-1178

Control of Locomotion in Bipeds, Tetrapods, and Fish
Sten Grillner
Pages: 1179-1236

Neural Mechanisms of Mandibular Control: Mastication and Voluntary Biting
Erich S. Luschei, Louis J. Goldberg
Pages: 1237-1274

Control of Eye Movements
David A. Robinson
Pages: 1275-1320

Eye-Head Coordination
Emilio Bizzi
Pages: 1321-1336

Human Manual Control
E. C. Poulton
Pages: 1337-1389

Behavioral Analysis of Movement
Steven W. Keele
Pages: 1391-1414

Corollary Discharges: Motor Commands and Perception
D. I. McCloskey
Pages: 1415-1447

Perceptual Structures and Distributed Motor Control
Michael A. Arbib
Pages: 1449-1480