Comprehensive Physiology Wiley Online Library

Supplement 11: Handbook of Physiology, The Respiratory System, Control of Breathing

Neil S. Cherniack, John G. Widdicombe
Pages: vii-viii

Brain Stem Mechanisms for Generation and Control of Breathing Pattern
Curt Von Euler
Pages: 1-67

Forebrain and Midbrain Influence on Respiration
André Hugelin
Pages: 69-91

Oscillation, Gating, and Memory in the Respiratory Control System
Frederic L. Eldridge, David E. Millhorn
Pages: 93-114

Acid-Base Balance in Cerebral Fluids
Vladimir Fencl
Pages: 115-140

Ventilation and Brain Metabolism
Bo K. Siesjö, Martin Ingvar
Pages: 141-161

Brain Blood Flow and Control of Breathing
Teodoro V. Santiago, Norman H. Edelman
Pages: 163-179

Hormones and Neurochemicals in the Regulation of Breathing
Jerome A. Dempsey, E. Burt Olson, James B. Skatrud
Pages: 181-221

Upper Airway Motor Systems
Donald Bartlett
Pages: 223-245

Initiation and Control of Chemoreceptor Activity in the Carotid Body
Salvatore J. Fidone, Constancio Gonzalez
Pages: 247-312

Reflex Responses to Chemoreceptor Stimulation
Robert S. Fitzgerald, Sukhamay Lahiri
Pages: 313-362

Reflexes from the Upper Respiratory Tract
John G. Widdicombe
Pages: 363-394

Reflexes Evoked from Tracheobronchial Tree and Lungs
H. M. Coleridge, J. C. G. Coleridge
Pages: 395-429

Reflexes from Respiratory Muscles and Costovertebral Joints
Roger Shannon
Pages: 431-447

Afferent Inputs to Breathing: Respiratory Sensation
Fred W. Zechman, Ronald L. Wiley
Pages: 449-474

Integration of Respiratory Responses to Changes in Alveolar Partial Pressures of CO2 and O2 and in Arterial pH
D. J. C. Cunningham, P. A. Robbins, C. B. Wolff
Pages: 475-528

Interactions Between Respiration and Circulation
M. De Burgh Daly
Pages: 529-594

Respiratory Control During Exercise
Karlman Wasserman, Brian J. Whipp, Richard Casaburi
Pages: 595-619

Control of Breathing in the Fetus and the Newborn
A. Charles Bryan, Glenn Bowes, John E. Maloney
Pages: 621-647

Control of Breathing During Sleep
Eliot A. Phillipson, Glenn Bowes
Pages: 649-689

Effects of Temperature on Breathing
K. E. Cooper, W. L. Veale
Pages: 691-702

Ventilatory Control at High Altitude
John V. Weil
Pages: 703-727

Abnormalities in Respiratory Rhythm
Neil S. Cherniack
Pages: 729-749

Breathing Responses to Imposed Mechanical Loads
Joseph Milic-Emili
Pages: 751-769

Control of Breathing in Diseases of the Respiratory Tract and Lungs
A. S. Rebuck, A. S. Slutsky
Pages: 771-791

Anesthesia and the Control of Ventilation
Edward G. Pavlin, Thomas F. Hornbein
Pages: 793-813

Control of Breathing in Birds
Peter Scheid
Pages: 815-832

Comparative Mammalian Respiratory Control
S. M. Tenney, D. F. Boggs
Pages: 833-855

Control of Breathing in Ectothermic Vertebrates
Graham Shelton, David R. Jones, William K. Milsom
Pages: 857-909