Comprehensive Physiology Wiley Online Library

Supplement 12: Handbook of Physiology, The Respiratory System, Mechanics of Breathing

Jere Mead, Peter T. MacKlem
Pages: vii-vii

History of Respiratory Mechanics
Arthur B. Otis
Pages: 1-12

Principles of Measurement: Applications to Pressure, Volume, and Flow
James P. Butler, David E. Leith, Andrew C. Jackson
Pages: 15-33

Solid Mechanics
Theodore A. Wilson
Pages: 35-39

Aerodynamic Theory
T. J. Pedley, Jeffrey M. Drazen
Pages: 41-54

Wave-Speed and Viscous Flow Limitation
Theodore A. Wilson, Joseph R. Rodarte, James P. Butler
Pages: 55-61

Form and Function of the Upper Airways and Larynx
Donald F. Proctor
Pages: 63-73

Morphometry of Airways
Keith Horsfield
Pages: 75-88

Functional Morphology of Lung Parenchyma
Ewald R. Weibel
Pages: 89-111

Static Behavior of the Respiratory System
Emilio Agostoni, Robert E. Hyatt
Pages: 113-130

Dynamics of Respiration
Joseph R. Rodarte
Pages: 131-144

Oscillation Mechanics of the Respiratory System
René Peslin, Jeffrey J. Fredberg
Pages: 145-177

Respiratory Mechanics in Children
A. Charles Bryan, Mary Ellen B. Wohl
Pages: 179-191

Lung Recoil: Elastic and Rheological Properties
Frederic G. Hoppin, Joseph C. Stothert, Ian A. Greaves, Yih-Loong Lai, Jacob Hildebrandt
Pages: 195-215

Micromechanics of the Lung
Ian A. Greaves, Jacob Hildebrandt, Frederic G. Hoppin
Pages: 217-231

Distribution of Stresses Within the Lung
Joseph R. Rodarte, Y. C. Fung
Pages: 233-245

Alveolar Surface Tension and Lung Surfactant
Jon Goerke, John A. Clements
Pages: 247-261

Mechanical Properties of Airway Smooth Muscle
Newman L. Stephens, Frederic G. Hoppin
Pages: 263-276

Pressure-Flow Relationships in the Lungs
Roland H. Ingram, T. J. Pedley
Pages: 277-293

Forced Expiration
Robert E. Hyatt
Pages: 295-314

David E. Leith, James P. Butler, Steven L. Sneddon, Joseph D. Brain
Pages: 315-336

Collateral Flow
Harold A. Menkes, Peter T. Macklem
Pages: 337-353

Development, Growth, and Aging of the Lung
Jerome S. Brody, William M. Thurlbeck
Pages: 355-386

Mechanical and Electrical Properties of Respiratory Muscles
John T. Sharp, Robert E. Hyatt
Pages: 389-414

Methods for Study of the Chest Wall
Stephen H. Loring, Eugene N Bruce
Pages: 415-428

Passive Mechanical Properties of the Chest Wall
Jeffrey C. Smith, Stephen H. Loring
Pages: 429-442

Action of the Respiratory Muscles
André de Troyer, Stephen H. Loring
Pages: 443-461

Respiratory Muscle Coordination
A. E. Grassino, M. D. Goldman
Pages: 463-480

Respiratory Muscle Energetics
Charis Roussos, E. J. M. Campbell
Pages: 481-509

Inspiratory Muscle Fatigue
Charis Roussos, Peter T. MacKlem
Pages: 511-527

Mechanics of the Pleural Space
Emilio Agostoni
Pages: 531-559

Static Distribution of Lung Volumes
J. Milic-Emili
Pages: 561-574

Dynamic Distribution of Gas Flow
L. A. Engel
Pages: 575-593

Modifications of Breathing for Phonation
Donald F. Proctor
Pages: 597-604

Breathing During Exercise
Brian J. Whipp, Richard L. Pardy
Pages: 605-629

Relationship Between Neuromuscular Respiratory Drive and Ventilatory Output
J. Milic-Emili, W. A. Zin
Pages: 631-646

Mechanical Interaction of Respiration and Circulation
Solbert Permutt, Robert A. Wise
Pages: 647-656

Lung Mechanics in Disease
N. B. Pride, Peter T. Macklem
Pages: 659-692

Autonomic Factors in Hyperreactivity of Airway Smooth Muscle
J. A. Nadel, P. J. Barnes, M. J. Holtzman
Pages: 693-702

Thermal Factors in Respiratory Mechanics
E. R. McFadden, Roland H. Ingram
Pages: 703-709

Chemical Mediators of Immediate Hypersensitivity Reactions
Jeffrey M. Drazen
Pages: 711-718

Postjunctional Factors in Airway Smooth Muscle Hyperresponsiveness
Newman L. Stephens
Pages: 719-726

Bronchial Hyperresponsiveness
Ann J. Woolcock, Solbert Permutt
Pages: 727-736

Respiratory Mechanics During Anesthesia and Mechanical Ventilation
Kai Rehder, H. Michael Marsh
Pages: 737-752

Tests of Mechanical Function
N. R. Anthonisen
Pages: 753-784