Comprehensive Physiology Wiley Online Library

Supplement 19: Handbook of Physiology, The Gastrointestinal System, Intestinal Absorption and Secretion

Michael Field, Raymond A. Frizzell
Pages: vii-vii

Principles of Membrane Transport
David C. Dawson
Pages: 1-44

Biology Of Sodium-Absorbing Epithelial Cells: Dawning of a New Era
Stanley G. Schultz, Randall L. Hudson
Pages: 45-81

Functional Morphology of Epithelium of the Small Intestine
James L. Madara
Pages: 83-120

Functional Morphology of the Large Intestine
Eric R. Lacy
Pages: 121-194

Mechanism of Fluid Transport by Epithelia
Kenneth R. Spring
Pages: 195-207

Enterocyte Cytoskeleton: Its Structure and Function
Thomas C. S. Keller, Mark S. Mooseker
Pages: 209-221

Use of Cultured Cell Lines in Studies of Intestinal Cell Differentiation and Function
Alain Zweibaum, Marc Laburthe, Etienne Grasset, Daniel Louvard
Pages: 223-255

Ion Transport Across the Large Intestine
Dan R. Halm, Raymond A. Frizzell
Pages: 257-273

Comparative Physiology of Colonic Electrolyte Transport
Robert A. Argenzio
Pages: 275-285

Ion Transport Across Mammalian Small Intestine
Stephen K. Sullivan, Michael Field
Pages: 287-301

Salt and Water Transport by Gallbladder Epithelium
Luis Reuss
Pages: 303-322

Inorganic Phosphate Absorption in Small Intestine
Giustina Danisi, Heini Murer
Pages: 323-336

Transport of Calcium
Ilka Nemere, Anthony W. Norman
Pages: 337-360

Iron Absorption
Clement A. Finch, Helmut A. Huebers
Pages: 361-369

Transport of Weak Electrolytes
Gerhard Rechkemmer
Pages: 371-388

Intestinal Transport of Bile Acids
Frederick A. Wilson
Pages: 389-404

Molecular Biology of Na+/Glucose Symport
Julia E. Lever
Pages: 405-409

Dietary Protein Processing: Intraluminal and Enterocyte Surface Events
Gary M. Gray
Pages: 411-420

Intestinal Transport of Water-Soluble Vitamins
Richard C. Rose
Pages: 421-435

Gastric Intrinsic Factor and Cobalamin Absorption
Bellur Seetharam, David H. Alpers
Pages: 437-461

Immunoglobulin a Secretion
Stephen Holland, John H. Eldridge, Jerry R. McGhee, Charles D. Alley
Pages: 463-473

Luminal Events in Gastrointestinal Lipid Digestion
Bengt Borgström, John S. Patton
Pages: 475-504

Enterocyte Lipid Absorption and Secretion
Nicholas O. Davidson, Arthur M. Magun, Robert M. Glickman
Pages: 505-526

Neurohormonal Control of Fluid and Electrolyte Transport in Intestinal Mucosa
David R. Brown, Richard J. Miller
Pages: 527-589

Immunophysiology of Intestinal Electrolyte Transport
D. W. Powell
Pages: 591-641