Comprehensive Physiology Wiley Online Library

Supplement 31: Handbook of Physiology, Cell Physiology

Joseph F. Hoffman, James D. Jameison
Pages: v-v

Optical Methods in Cell Physiology
Fredric S. Fay
Pages: 3-22

Organization and Dynamics of the Lipid Components of Biological Membranes
T. E. Thompson, M. B. Sankaram, C. Huang
Pages: 23-57

Membrane Structure/Proteins
Charles Tanford, Jacqueline A. Reynolds
Pages: 59-74

Energy Transduction Mechanisms (Animals and Plants)
Vladimir Skulachev
Pages: 76-116

Principles of Regulation and Control in Biochemistry: A Pragmatic, Flux-Oriented Approach
B. Crabtree, E. A. Newsholme, N. B. Reppas
Pages: 117-180

Basic Principles of Transport
Robert I. Macey, Teresa F. Moura
Pages: 181-259

Membrane Transport in Single Cells
Michael L. Jennings, Mark A. Milanick
Pages: 261-308

Epithelial Transport
Luis Reuss
Pages: 309-388

Intracellular pH
Robert W. Putnam, Albert Roos
Pages: 389-440

Osmolytes and Cell-Volume Regulation: Physiological and Evolutionary Principles
George N. Somero, Paul H. Yancey
Pages: 441-484

Of Membrane Stability and Mosaics: The Spectrin Cytoskeleton
Jon S. Morrow, David L. Rimm, Scott P. Kennedy, Carol D. Cianci, John H. Sinard, Scott A. Weed
Pages: 485-540

Extracellular Matrix: A Solid-State Regulator of Cell form, Function, and Tissue Development
Donald E. Ingber
Pages: 541-556

Microtubule Motors in Cell and Tissue Function
Michael P. Sheetz
Pages: 557-562

Membrane Fusion
R. Blumenthal, D. S. Dimitrov
Pages: 563-603

The ER-Golgi Membrane System: Compartmental Organization and Protein Traffic
Hans-Peter Hauri, Anja Schweizer
Pages: 605-647

Regulated Exocytosis in Mammalian Secretory Cells
Dola Sengupta, Jack A. Valentijn, James D. Jamieson
Pages: 649-664

Epithelial Cell Polarity: Challenges and Methodologies
Michael J. Caplan, Enrique Rodriguez-Boulan
Pages: 665-688

Mechanisms of Transmembrane Signaling
Kevin Wickman, Karen E. Hedin, Carmen M. Perez-Terzic, Grigory B. Krapivinsky, Lisa Stehno-Bittel, Bratislav Velimirovic, David E. Clapham
Pages: 689-742

Cellular Immunology
Ephraim Fuchs
Pages: 743-785

Cilia and Related Microtubular Arrays in the Eukaryotic Cell
Peter Satir
Pages: 787-817

Principles of Cell Cycle Control
Chris Norbury
Pages: 819-842

Regulation of Development: Differentiation and Morphogenesis
Hynda K. Kleinman, Merton Bernfield
Pages: 843-857

Activation of Sperm and Egg During Fertilization
David Epel
Pages: 859-884

Cellular Mechanisms During Mammalian Fertilization
Paul M. Wassarman, Harvey M. Florman
Pages: 885-938