Comprehensive Physiology Wiley Online Library

Supplement 1: Handbook of Physiology, The Nervous System, Cellular Biology of Neurons

Eric R. Kandel
Pages: v-vii

S. W. Kuffler
Pages: 1-4

General Morphology of Neurons and Neuroglia
Sanford L. Palay, Victoria Chan-Palay
Pages: 5-37

Core Conductor Theory and Cable Properties of Neurons
Wilfrid Rall
Pages: 39-97

Ionic Basis of Resting and Action Potentials
Bertil Hille
Pages: 99-136

Structural and Metabolic Processes Directly Related to Action Potential Propagation
L. B. Cohen, P. De Weer
Pages: 137-159

Physical Principles and Formalisms of Electrical Excitability
Alan Finkelstein, Alexander Mauro
Pages: 161-213

Activation in Striated Muscle
L. L. Costantin
Pages: 215-259

Structure of the Synapse
J. E. Heuser, T. S. Reese
Pages: 261-294

Junctional Transmission I. Postsynaptic Mechanisms
Akira Takeuchi
Pages: 295-327

Junctional Transmission II. Presynaptic Mechanisms
A. R. Martin
Pages: 329-355

Electrical Transmission: A Functional Analysis and Comparison to Chemical Transmission
M. V. L. Bennett
Pages: 357-416

Junctional Transmission in Smooth Muscle and the Autonomic Nervous System
Mollie E. Holman, G. D. S. Hirst
Pages: 417-461

Biochemistry and Physiology of Cholinergic Transmission
B. Collier
Pages: 463-492

Biochemical Aspects of Neurotransmitter Receptors
A. Maelicke, B. W. Fulpius, E. Reich
Pages: 493-519

Cellular Aspects of Catecholaminergic Neurons
L. B. Geffen, B. Jarrott
Pages: 521-571

Biochemistry and Physiology of Serotonergic Transmission
Michael D. Gershon
Pages: 573-623

Biochemistry and Physiology of Amino Acid Transmitters
K. Obata
Pages: 625-650

Cellular Biology of the Neurosecretory Neuron
Carol Ann Mason, Howard A. Bern
Pages: 651-689

Axonal Transport: The Intracellular Traffic of the Neuron
Bernice Grafstein
Pages: 691-717

Cell Culture in Neurobiology
Gerald D. Fischbach, Phillip G. Nelson
Pages: 719-774

Trophic Interactions of Neurons
Jean Rosenthal
Pages: 775-801

Specificity of Neurons and their Interconnections
Alan D. Grinnell
Pages: 803-853

Glial Cells
Richard K. Orkand
Pages: 855-875

Spinal Neurons and Synapses
R. E. Burke, P. Rudomin
Pages: 877-944

The Olfactory Bulb: A Simple System in the Mammalian Brain
Gordon M. Shepherd
Pages: 945-968

The Physiology of Supraspinal Neurons in Mammals
W. Alden Spencer
Pages: 969-1021

Organization of Invertebrate Motor Systems
Donald Kennedy, William J. Davis
Pages: 1023-1087

Principles in the Organization of Invertebrate Sensory Systems
C. A. G. Wiersma, Joan L. M. Roach
Pages: 1089-1135

Neuronal Plasticity and the Modification of Behavior
Eric R. Kandel
Pages: 1137-1182