Comprehensive Physiology Wiley Online Library

Supplement 24: Handbook of Physiology, The Endocrine System, Hormonal Control of Growth

Jack L. Kostyo
Pages: v-vi

The Growth Process
James M. Tanner
Pages: 1-35

Somatic Growth and its Regulation
Pamela A. Clark, Alan D. Rogol
Pages: 37-72

Hormonal Regulation of Growth and Development of Nonmammalian Vertebrates
Charles S. Nicoll, Buel D. Rodgers, Kevin M. Kelley
Pages: 73-98

Hormones and Growth in Domestic Animals
Colin G. Scanes
Pages: 99-127

Hormonal Regulation of Growth and Metabolic Effects of Growth Hormone
Selna L. Kaplan
Pages: 129-143

Structure-Function Relationships of Growth Hormone and Other Members of the Growth Hormone Gene Family
John J. Kopchick, Wen Y. Chen
Pages: 145-162

Regulation of Growth Hormone Gene Expression
Nancy E. Cooke, Stephen A. Liebhaber
Pages: 163-185

Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone: Discovery, Regulation, and Actions
Lawrence A. Frohman, Rhonda D. Kineman
Pages: 187-219

Gloria Shaffer Tannenbaum, Jacques Epelbaum
Pages: 221-265

Growth Hormone-Releasing Peptides
Cyril Y. Bowers
Pages: 267-297

Feedback Regulation of Growth Hormone Secretion
William B. Wehrenberg, Andrea Giustina
Pages: 299-327

The Growth Hormone Secretory Pattern and Statural Growth
Iain C. A. F. Robinson, Peter C. Hindmarsh
Pages: 329-395

The Growth Hormone Receptor
Michael J. Waters
Pages: 397-444

Molecular Events in Growth Hormone-Receptor Interaction and Signaling
Lisa S. Smit, Debra J. Meyer, Lawrence S. Argetsinger, Jessica Schwartz, Christin Carter-Su
Pages: 445-480

The Somatomedin Hypothesis of Growth Hormone Action
Raymond L. Hintz
Pages: 481-499

The Dual Effector Theory
Claes Ohlsson, Anders Lindahl, Jörgen Isgaard
Pages: 501-514

The Regulation of Amino Acid and Protein Metabolism by Growth Hormone
David A. Fryburg, Eugene J. Barrett
Pages: 515-536

Insulin-Like Growth Factors: Gene Structure and Regulation
Pauline Kay Lund
Pages: 537-571

Insulin-Like Growth Factor Binding Proteins
David R. Clemmons
Pages: 573-631

Molecular Mechanisms of Insulin-like Growth Factor I Receptor Function: Implications for Normal Physiology and Pathological States
Derek Leroith, Vicky A. Blakesley, Haim Werner
Pages: 633-662

Insulin-Like Growth Factor I Actions on Somatic Growth
J. Zapf, E. R. Froesch
Pages: 663-699

The Regulation of Growth by Insulinlike Growth Factor II
Robert A. Richman
Pages: 701-736

Thyroid Hormone Receptors
Ronald J. Koenig
Pages: 737-755

Regulation of Gene Expression by Thyroid Hormones: Relation to Growth and Development
Gregory A. Brent
Pages: 757-781

Insulin as a Growth-Promoting Hormone
Joseph L. Messina
Pages: 783-811