Comprehensive Physiology Wiley Online Library

Supplement 26: Handbook of Physiology, Reactions to Environmental Agents

Stephen R. Geiger
Pages: v-v

Effects of Noise Exposure on Auditory Sensitivity
W. Dixon Ward
Pages: 1-15

Pathophysiological Responses of the Auditory Organ to Excessive Sound
Stephen A. Falk
Pages: 17-30

Extraauditory Effects of Acoustic Stimulation
Alexander Cohen
Pages: 31-44

Control of Body Temperature
Jan A. J. Stolwijk, James D. Hardy
Pages: 45-68

Heat Exchange Between Human Skin Surface and Thermal Environment
A. Pharo Gagge, Yasunobu Nishi
Pages: 69-92

Human Tolerance to Hot Climates
A. R. Lind
Pages: 93-109

Microwave Radiation
Russell L. Carpenter
Pages: 111-125

Effects of Ionizing Radiation on Mammalian Cells
John B. Little
Pages: 127-155

Chemical Agents in Air
D. S. Barth, S. C. Black, J. R. Hammerle
Pages: 157-166

Food Additives and Contaminants
A. D. Campbell, W. Horwitz, J. A. Burke, C. F. Jelinek, J. V. Rodricks, S. I. Shibko
Pages: 167-179

Chemical Agents from Occupational Sources
Kingsley Kay
Pages: 181-191

Medicines and Drugs as Environmental Agents
Leighton E. Cluff
Pages: 193-197

Chemical Agents in Cigarette Smoke
Hans L. Falk
Pages: 199-211

Regional Deposition of Particles in the Human Respiratory Tract
Morton Lippmann
Pages: 213-232

Radioactive Materials -- Determinants of Dose to the Respiratory Tract
P. J. Walsh, P. E. Hamrick
Pages: 233-242

Clearance Mechanisms in the Respiratory Tract
Kaye H. Kilburn
Pages: 243-262

Tissue and Cellular Reactions to Particles, Fibers, and Aerosols Retained after Inhalation
J. S. Harington, A. C. Allison
Pages: 263-283

Immunological Reactions to Inhaled Physical and Chemical Agents
Robert Burrell
Pages: 285-298

Permeability of the Skin
Robert J. Scheuplein
Pages: 299-322

Cutaneous Allergic Response
Rudolf L. Baer, David R. Bickers
Pages: 323-336

Cutaneous Carcinogenesis: Metabolic Interaction of Chemical Carcinogens with Skin
F. J. Wiebel, H. V. Gelboin
Pages: 337-348

Gastroenterologic Response to Environmental Agents -- Absorption and Interactions
Carl J. Pfeiffer
Pages: 349-374

Metabolism of Foreign Substances in the Gastrointestinal Tract
Kaarlo Hartiala
Pages: 375-388

Retention and Excretion Kinetics of Chemical Agents
Jerzy K. Piotrowski
Pages: 389-396

Determinants of Xenobiotic Transport at Biological Barriers
Michael J. Jackson, Victor H. Cohn
Pages: 397-418

Hepatic and Extrahepatic Mixed-Function Oxidases
John R. Bend, Gary E. R. Hook
Pages: 419-440

Hydrolytic Transformation of Environmental Pollutants
D. J. Ecobichon
Pages: 441-454

Biochemistry and Significance of Transferase Reactions in the Metabolism of Foreign Chemicals
Robert M. Hollingworth
Pages: 455-468

Bone Storage and Release
Frank A. Smith, John B. Hursh
Pages: 469-482

Accumulation and Release of Chemicals by Adipose Tissue
J. C. Street, R. P. Sharma
Pages: 483-493

Mechanisms of Renal Excretion of Environmental Agents
E. C. Foulkes
Pages: 495-502

Renal Injury and Urinary Excretion
L. Magos, T. W. Clarkson
Pages: 503-512

Alimentary Excretion of Environmental Agents and Unnatural Compounds
Carl J. Pfeiffer, Osmo Hänninen
Pages: 513-535

Biliary Excretion
Curtis D. Klaassen
Pages: 537-553

Pulmonary Excretion of Absorbed Gases
Robert A. Klocke
Pages: 555-562

Altered Permeability of Cell Membranes
W. B. Kinter, J. B. Pritchard
Pages: 563-576

Formation of Reactive Metabolites of Foreign Compounds and their Covalent Binding to Cellular Constituents
James R. Gillette
Pages: 577-589

Lipid Peroxidation: A Specific form of Cellular Injury
Richard O. Recknagel, Eric A. Glende
Pages: 591-601

Intracellular Digestion: Lysosomes and Cellular Injury
Ira M. Goldstein, Gerald Weissmann
Pages: 603-613

Action of Environmental Agents on Nucleic Acids and Their Metabolism
Walter Troll, Robert Shapiro
Pages: 615-624

Altered Protein Synthesis
Herschel Sidransky
Pages: 625-639