Comprehensive Physiology Wiley Online Library

Supplement 21: Handbook of Physiology, The Endocrine System, The Endocrine Pancreas and Regulation of Metabolism

Leonard S. Jefferson, Alan D. Cherrington
Pages: v-v

General Introduction: Reminiscences and Reflections on Fifty Years of the Endocrine Pancreas
Philip J. Randle
Pages: 1-22

Insulin Gene Transcription: Factors Involved in Cell Type-Specific and Glucose-Regulated Expression in Islet Cells are Also Essential During Pancreatic Development
Roland Stein
Pages: 25-47

Biosynthesis of Insulin
Donald F. Steiner, Shu Jin Chan, Arthur H. Rubenstein
Pages: 49-78

Electrophysiology of the Cell and Mechanisms of Inhibition of Insulin Release
Mark J. Dunne, Carina Ämmälä, Susanne G. Straub, Geoffrey W. G. Sharp
Pages: 79-123

Substrate Control of Insulin Release
Christopher B. Newgard, Franz M. Matschinsky
Pages: 125-151

Insulin and Glucagon Secretion in vivo and its Neural Control
Gerald J. Taborsky
Pages: 153-176

Insulin Degradation and Insulin-Degrading Enzyme
William C. Duckworth, Frederick G. Hamel
Pages: 177-194

Glucagon and Glucagon-like Peptide Production and Degradation
Timothy J. Kieffer, Mehboob A. Hussain, Joel F. Habener
Pages: 197-265

Production, Action, and Degradation of Somatostatin
Yogesh C. Patel, Jun-Li Liu, Aristea Galanopoulou, Dimitri N. Papachristou
Pages: 267-302

Amylin and Related Proteins: Physiology and Pathophysiology
Garth J. S. Cooper
Pages: 303-396

Insulin Receptor Tyrosine Kinase
Michael P. Czech, Barbara Van Renterghem, Mark W. Sleeman
Pages: 399-411

Molecular Aspects of Insulin Signaling
Renee Emkey, C. Ronald Kahn
Pages: 413-433

Glucagon Signal-Transduction Mechanisms
J. H. Exton
Pages: 435-450

Regulation of Glucose Transporters by Insulin and Exercise: Cellular Effects and Implications for Diabetes
Amira Klip, Andre Marette
Pages: 451-494

Regulation of Fatty Acid Biosynthesis and Lipolysis
Lisa M. Salati
Pages: 495-527

Regulation of Protein Metabolism in Muscle
Leonard S. Jefferson, Thomas C. Vary, Scot R. Kimball
Pages: 529-552

Regulation of Protein Metabolism in Liver
Glenn E. Mortimore, Motoni Kadowaki
Pages: 553-577

Regulation of Glucose Metabolism in Skeletal Muscle
Yolanta T. Kruszynska, Theodore P. Ciaraldi, Robert R. Henry
Pages: 579-607

Regulation of Glycogen Metabolism
Peter J. Roach, Alexander V. Skurat, Robert A. Harris
Pages: 609-647

Regulation of Gluconeogenesis in Liver
Louis Hue
Pages: 649-657

Regulation of Ketogenesis in Liver
Victor A. Zammit
Pages: 659-673

The Pancreas and Lipoprotein Metabolism
Henry N. Ginsberg, Ira J. Goldberg
Pages: 675-706

Genetic Regulation of Glucose Metabolism
Calum Sutherland
Pages: 707-732

Insulin and Protein Metabolism
Robert R. Wolfe, Elena Volpi
Pages: 735-757

Control of Glucose Production in vivo by Insulin and Glucagon
Alan D. Cherrington
Pages: 759-785

Regulation of Hepatic Glucose Uptake
Roy Taylor, Gerald I. Shulman
Pages: 787-802

Regulation of Muscle Glucose Uptake In Vivo
Lawrence J. Mandarino, Riccardo C. Bonadonna, Owen P. Mcguinness, Amy E. Halseth, David H. Wasserman
Pages: 803-845

The Metabolic Actions of Growth Hormone
H. Maurice Goodman
Pages: 849-906

Thyroid Hormone Regulation of Islet Cell Hormone Metabolic Actions
Bart L. Clarke, Leslie J. Degroot
Pages: 907-938

Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 and the Endocrine Pancreas
David G. Maggs, Robert S. Sherwin
Pages: 939-948

Effects of Pregnancy on Metabolism
Michael P. Diamond, Gabriele Rossi
Pages: 951-968

The Aging Pancreas: Effects of Aging on Insulin Secretion and Action
William J. Evans, Peter A. Farrell
Pages: 969-998

Sepsis-induced Changes in Pancreatic Hormone Secretion
Charles H. Lang
Pages: 999-1014

George A. Bray, David A. York
Pages: 1015-1056

The Prevention and Correction of Hypoglycemia
Philip E. Cryer
Pages: 1057-1092

Type I Diabetes Mellitus (Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Mellitus)
Robert A. Rizza, Michael D. Jensen, K. Sreekumaran Nair
Pages: 1093-1114

Pathogenesis of Type 2 Diabetes
Kenneth Cusi, Ralph A. Defronzo
Pages: 1115-1168

Insulin Resistance, Compensatory Hyperinsulinemia, and Coronary Heart Disease: Syndrome X Revisited
Gerald M. Reaven
Pages: 1169-1197

Oliver E. Owen, Karl J. Smalley, Robert L. Jungas
Pages: 1199-1225