Comprehensive Physiology Wiley Online Library

Supplement 27: Handbook of Physiology, Skeletal Muscle

Lee D. Peachey
Pages: v-ix

Surface and Internal Morphology of Skeletal Muscle
Harunori Ishikawa, Hajime Sawada, Eichi Yamada
Pages: 1-21

Structure and Function of Membrane Systems of Skeletal Muscle Cells
Lee D. Peachey, Clara Franzini-Armstrong
Pages: 23-71

Quantitative Ultrastructure of Mammalian Skeletal Muscle
Brenda R. Eisenberg
Pages: 73-112

Immunological Techniques in Fluorescence and Electron Microscopy Applied to Skeletal Muscle Fibers
Frank A. Pepe
Pages: 113-141

Structure of Vertebrate Striated Muscle as Determined by X-ray-Diffraction Studies
John C. Haselgrove
Pages: 143-171

Force Generation and Shortening in Skeletal Muscle
Richard J. Podolsky, Mark Schoenberg
Pages: 173-187

Energetics of Muscle Contraction
Martin J. Kushmerick
Pages: 189-236

Chemical Mechanism of Myosin‐Catalyzed ATP Hydrolysis
Martin R. Webb, David R. Trentham
Pages: 237-255

Conformational Changes and Molecular Dynamics of Myosin
John Gergely, John C. Seidel
Pages: 257-274

Electrical Properties of Striated Muscle
Richard H. Adrian
Pages: 275-300

Impedance Measurement of the Electrical Structure of Skeletal Muscle
Robert S. Eisenberg
Pages: 301-323

Inward Spread of Activation in Twitch Skeletal Muscle Fibers
Hugo Gonzalez-Serratos
Pages: 325-353

Optical Studies of Excitation-Contraction Coupling Using Voltage-Sensitive and Calcium-Sensitive Probes
Stephen M. Baylor
Pages: 355-379

Pharmacological Investigations of Excitation-Contraction Coupling
Carlo Caputo
Pages: 381-415

Mechanism of Ca2+ Transport by Sarcoplasmic Reticulum
Anthony N. Martonosi, Troy J. Beeler
Pages: 417-485

Physiology of Insect Flight Muscle
Richard T. Tregear
Pages: 487-506

Emergence of Specialization in Skeletal Muscle
Alan M. Kelly
Pages: 507-537

Alterations in Myofibril Size and Structure During Growth, Exercise, and Changes in Environmental Temperature
Geoffrey Goldspink
Pages: 539-554

Skeletal Muscle Adaptability: Significance for Metabolism and Performance
Bengt Saltin, Philip D. Gollnick
Pages: 555-631

Diseases of Skeletal Muscle
R. H. T. Edwards, D. A. Jones
Pages: 633-672