Comprehensive Physiology Wiley Online Library

Supplement 30: Handbook of Physiology, Comparative Physiology

William H. Dantzler
Pages: v-vi

William H. Dantzler
Pages: v-vi

Adaptation and the Evolution of Physiological Characters
Albert F. Bennett
Pages: 3-16

Vertebrate Nervous System
Philip S. Ulinski
Pages: 17-53

Vertebrate Locomotion
Carl Gans, Abbot S. Gaunt, Paul W. Webb
Pages: 55-213

Vertebrate Cardiovascular Systems
W. Burggren, A. Farrell, H. Lillywhite
Pages: 215-308

Vertebrate Respiratory Gas Exchange
Peter Scheid, Johannes Piiper
Pages: 309-356

Vertebrate Hemoglobins
Rolf L. Ingermann
Pages: 357-408

Vertebrate Gastrointestinal System
William H. Karasov, Ian D. Hume
Pages: 409-480

Vertebrate Renal System
Eldon J. Braun, William H. Dantzler
Pages: 481-576

Extrarenal Mechanisms in Hydromineral and Acid-Base Regulation in Aquatic Vertebrates
Leonard B. Kirschner
Pages: 577-622

Endocrinology of the Vertebrates
Ian W. Henderson
Pages: 623-749

Invertebrate Nervous Systems
E. A. Arbas, R. B. Levine, N. J. Strausfeld
Pages: 751-852

Invertebrate Locomotor Systems
Robert J. Full
Pages: 853-930

Invertebrate Circulatory Systems
Brian R. McMahon, Jerrel L. Wilkens, Peter J. S. Smith
Pages: 931-1008

Invertebrate Respiratory Systems
Peter J. Mill
Pages: 1009-1096

Invertebrate Blood Oxygen Carriers
Charlotte P. Mangum
Pages: 1097-1135

Nutrient Absorption in Invertebrates
Stephen H. Wright, Gregory A. Ahearn
Pages: 1137-1205

Mechanisms of Excretion and Ion Transport in Invertebrates
M. J. O'Donnell
Pages: 1207-1289

Invertebrate Endocrinology
Matthew Landau, William J. Biggers, Hans Laufer
Pages: 1291-1390

Temperature Relationships: From Molecules to Biogeography
George N. Somero
Pages: 1391-1444

Anhydrobiosis: Cellular Adaptation to Extreme Dehydration
John H. Crowe, Lois M. Crowe, John E. Carpenter, Steven Petrelski, Folkert A. Hoekstra, Pedro De Araujo, Anita D. Panek
Pages: 1445-1477

Adaptations to Variations in Oxygen Tension by Vertebrates and Invertebrates
Peter L. Lutz, Kenneth B. Storey
Pages: 1479-1522

Variations in Salinity, Osmolarity, and Water Availability: Vertebrates and Invertebrates
Raymond Gllles, Eric Delpire
Pages: 1523-1586

Mechanical and Metabolic Design of the Muscular System in Vertebrates
Lawrence C. Rome
Pages: 1587-1651

Daily and Seasonal Rhythms
Herbert A. Underwood, Gary T. Wassmer, Terry L. Page
Pages: 1653-1763