Comprehensive Physiology Wiley Online Library

Supplement 8: Handbook of Physiology, The Cardiovascular System, Peripheral Circulation and Organ Blood Flow

John T. Shepherd, Francois M. Abboud
Pages: v-vii

Peripheral Circulation: Historical Aspects
Eric Neil
Pages: 1-19

Indicator Methods for Measurement of Organ and Tissue Blood Flow
Niels A. Lassen, Ole Henriksen, Per Sejrsen
Pages: 21-63

Vascular Mechanics
Philip B. Dobrin
Pages: 65-102

Pulmonary Circulation
Robert F. Grover, Wiltz W. Wagner, Ivan F. McMurtry, John T. Reeves
Pages: 103-136

Cerebral Circulation
Donald D. Heistad, Hermes A. Kontos
Pages: 137-182

Renal Circulation
Franklyn G. Knox, William S. Spielman
Pages: 183-217

Splanchnic Circulation
David E. Donald
Pages: 219-240

Circulation to Female Reproductive Organs
Giacomo Meschia
Pages: 241-269

Circulation to Male Reproductive Organs
Sidney D. Beckett
Pages: 271-283

Circulation to Skin and Adipose Tissue
Ian C. Roddie
Pages: 285-317

Circulation to Skeletal Muscle
John T. Shepherd
Pages: 319-370

Pathways of Transport in Bone
Patrick J. Kelly
Pages: 371-396

Venous System: Physiology of the Capacitance Vessels
Carl F. Rothe
Pages: 397-452

Baroreflex Control of Systemic Arterial Pressure and Vascular Bed
Kiichi Sagawa
Pages: 453-496

Cardiac Mechanoreceptors
Vernon S. Bishop, Alberto Malliani, Peter Thorén
Pages: 497-555

Arterial Chemoreceptors
Carlos Eyzaguirre, Robert S. Fitzgerald, Sukhamay Lahiri, Patricio Zapata
Pages: 557-621

Cardiovascular Reflex Control by Afferent Fibers from Skeletal Muscle Receptors
Jere H. Mitchell, Robert F. Schmidt
Pages: 623-658

Richard Hellon
Pages: 659-673

Interaction of Cardiovascular Reflexes in Circulatory Control
Francois M. Abboud
Pages: 675-753

Arterial Baroreflexes in Humans
Giuseppe Mancia, Allyn L. Mark
Pages: 755-793

Cardiopulmonary Baroreflexes in Humans
Allyn L. Mark, Giuseppe Mancia
Pages: 795-813

Peptides and Blood Vessels
Phillip G. Schmid, Fouad M. Sharabi, M. Ian Phillips
Pages: 815-835

Neural and Endocrine Regulation of Circulation in the Fetus and Newborn
Joan C. Mott, David W. Walker
Pages: 837-883

Neural Control of Extracellular Volume in the Human and Nonhuman Primate
Joseph P. Gilmore
Pages: 885-915

Cardiovascular Adjustments to Diving in Mammals and Birds
Arnoldus Schytte Blix, Björn Folkow
Pages: 917-945

Cardiovascular Adjustments to Isometric Contractions: Static Effort
Alexander R. Lind
Pages: 947-966

Cardiovascular Adjustments to Thermal Stress
Loring B. Rowell
Pages: 967-1023

Cardiovascular Adjustments to Gravitational Stress
C. Gunnar Blomqvist, H. Lowell Stone
Pages: 1025-1063