Comprehensive Physiology Wiley Online Library

Supplement 14: Handbook of Physiology, Environmental Physiology

Melvin J. Fregly, Clark M. Blatteis
Pages: xiii-xiii

Clark M. Blatteis, Melvin J. Fregly
Pages: xix-xxii

Adaptations: Some General Characteristics
Melvin J. Fregly
Pages: 3-15

Physical Forces, Sensory Reception, and Response to the Environment
William S. Hunter, Clark M. Blatteis
Pages: 17-34

Interplay of Behavioral and Physiological Mechanisms in Adaptation
Neil E. Rowland
Pages: 35-39

Mechanisms of Heat Exchange: Biophysics and Physiology
A. Pharo Gagge, Richard R. Gonzalez
Pages: 45-84

Peripheral Thermosensors
Friedrich-Karl Pierau
Pages: 85-104

Hypothalamic Neurons Regulating Body Temperature
Jack A. Boulant
Pages: 105-126

Interaction of Body Temperatures in Control of Thermoregulatory Effector Mechanisms
Claus Jessen
Pages: 127-138

Evidence for Roles of Brain Peptides in Thermoregulation
Wesley G. Clark, Melvin J. Fregly
Pages: 139-153

Thermoregulatory Responses to Acute Exercise-Heat Stress and Heat Acclimation
Michael N. Sawka, C. Bruce Wenger, Kent B. Pandolf
Pages: 157-185

Body Fluid Balance During Heat Stress in Humans
Gary W. Mack, Ethan R. Nadel
Pages: 187-214

Cardiovascular Adjustments to Heat Stress
John M. Johnson, Duane W. Proppe
Pages: 215-243

Endocrinological and Metabolic Responses to Acute and Chronic Heat Exposures
Ralph P. Francesconi
Pages: 245-260

Heat Stress and Behavior
Michel Cabanac
Pages: 261-278

Marvin L. Riedesel, G. Edgar Folk
Pages: 279-283

Limitation of Heat Tolerance
J. R. S. Hales, R. W. Hubbard, S. L. Gaffin
Pages: 285-355

Homeostatic Responses to Acute Cold Exposure: Thermogenic Responses in Birds and Mammals
B. A. Horwitz
Pages: 359-377

Human Thermoregulatory Responses to Acute Cold Stress with Special Reference to Water Immersion
Michael M. Toner, William D. McArdle
Pages: 379-397

Thermogenic Responses to Prolonged Cold Exposure: Birds and Mammals
Jane C. Roberts
Pages: 399-418

Homeostatic Responses to Prolonged Cold Exposure: Human Cold Acclimatization
Andrew J. Young
Pages: 419-438

Neural and Hormonal Responses to Prolonged Cold Exposure
Jean Himms-Hagen
Pages: 439-480

Behavioral Thermoregulation in the Cold
Evelyn Satinoff
Pages: 481-505

Torpor and Hibernation in Mammals: Metabolic, Physiological, and Biochemical Adaptations
Lawrence C. H. Wang, T. F. Lee
Pages: 507-532

Hibernation in Mammals: Central Nervous System Function
John M. Horowitz, Kai Rehder
Pages: 533-539

Responses to Seasonal Change in Polar Mammals
G. Edgar Folk
Pages: 541-556

Limits of Tolerance to Hypothermia
R. S. Pozos, P. A. Iaizzo, D. F. Danzl, W. T. Mills
Pages: 557-575

Central Regulation of Adaptive Responses to Heat and Cold
Eugen Zeisberger, Joachim Roth
Pages: 579-595

Ontogenetic and Adaptive Adjustments in the Thermoregulatory System
K. Brück, P. Hinckel
Pages: 597-611

Modeling Homeostatic Responses to Heat and Cold
Jürgen Werner
Pages: 613-626

The Cardiovascular System in Microgravity
Donald E. Watenpaugh, Alan R. Hargens
Pages: 631-674

Respiratory System in Microgravity
John B. West, Harold J. B. Guy, Ann R. Elliott, G. Kim Prisk
Pages: 675-689

The Skeleton and its Adaptation to Gravity
Emily R. Morey-Holton, Robert T. Whalen, Sara B. Arnaud, Marjolein C. van der Meulen
Pages: 691-719

Neuromuscular Adaptations to Actual and Simulated Spaceflight
V. Reggie Edgerton, Roland R. Roy
Pages: 721-763

Adaptation of the Vestibular System to Microgravity
Nancy G. Daunton
Pages: 765-783

Radiation in Microgravity
Gregory A. Nelson
Pages: 785-798

Effect of Spaceflight on Lymphocyte Function and Immunity
Felix K. Gmünder, Augusto Cogoli
Pages: 799-813

Exercise and Adaptation to Microgravity Environments
Victor A. Convertino
Pages: 815-843

Renal, Endocrine, and Hemodynamic Effects of Water Immersion in Humans
Murray Epstein
Pages: 845-853

Head-out Water Immersion: Animal Studies
John A. Krasney
Pages: 855-887

The Physiology of Bed Rest
Suzanne M. Fortney, Victor S. Schneider, John E. Greenleaf
Pages: 889-939

Adaptation to Acceleration Environments
Russell R. Burton, Arthur H. Smith
Pages: 943-970

Hyperbaria/Diving: Introduction
James Vorosmarti
Pages: 975-978

Hyperbaria: Breath-hold Diving
Yu-Chong Lin, Suk Ki Hong
Pages: 979-995

Gas Physiology in Diving
Claes E. G Lundgren, Andrea Harabin, Peter B Bennett, Hugh D Van Liew, Edward D Thalmann
Pages: 999-1019

Mixed-gas Saturation Diving
Suk Ki Hong, Peter B. Bennett, Keizo Shiraki, Yu-Chong Lin, John R. Claybaugh
Pages: 1023-1045

Diving physiology of the Weddell seal
Warren M. Zapol
Pages: 1049-1056

Evolutionary Aspects of Atmospheric Oxygen and Organisms
Daniel L. Gilbert
Pages: 1059-1094

Tissue Capacity for Mitochondrial Oxidative Phosphorylation and its Adaptation to Stress
William L. Rumsey, David F. Wilson
Pages: 1095-1113

Metabolic Defense Adaptations to Hypobaric Hypoxia in Man
P. W. Hochachka
Pages: 1115-1123

Hypoxia, Erythropoietin Gene Expression, and Erythropoiesis
Peter J. Ratcliffe, Kai-Uwe Eckardt, Christian Bauer
Pages: 1125-1153

Morphologic and Metabolic Response to Chronic Hypoxia: the Muscle System
P. Cerretelli, H. Hoppeler
Pages: 1155-1181

Peripheral Chemoreceptors and Their Sensory Neurons in Chronic States of Hypo- and Hyperoxygenation
Sukhamay Lahiri
Pages: 1183-1206

Ventilatory Responses to Acute and Chronic Hypoxia
Gerald E. Bisgard, Hubert V. Forster
Pages: 1207-1239

The Cardiovascular System at High Altitude
Mirsaid M. Mirrakhimov, Robert M. Winslow
Pages: 1241-1257

Endocrine Adaptation to Hypoxia
Hershel Raff
Pages: 1259-1275

Body Fluid and Energy Metabolism at High Altitude
Reed W Hoyt, Arnold Honig
Pages: 1277-1289

Brain Hypoxia: Metabolic and Ventilatory Depression
P. L. Lutz, N. S. Cherniack
Pages: 1291-1306

Physiology of Extreme Altitude
John B. West
Pages: 1307-1325

Circadian Rhythms
Fred W. Turek, Olivier Van Reeth
Pages: 1329-1359

Sleep, Thermoregulation, and Circadian Rhythms
H. Craig Heller, Dale M. Edgar, Dennis A. Grahn, Steven F. Glotzbach
Pages: 1361-1374

The Relationship Between Food and Sleep
Jaber Danguir
Pages: 1375-1387

Human Adaptation to Energy Undernutrition
N. G. Norgan, A. Ferro-Luzzi
Pages: 1391-1409

Physiological Responses of Mammals to Overnutrition
Vanessa H. Routh, Judith S. Stern, Barbara A. Horwitz
Pages: 1411-1435

Effects of Altered Vitamin and Mineral Nutritional Status on Temperature Regulation and Thermogenesis in the Cold
Henry C. Lukaski, Scott M. Smith
Pages: 1437-1455

Nutrition and Exercise in Adverse Environments
E. R. Buskirk
Pages: 1457-1466

Intestinal Adaptation to Environmental Stress
Peter J Horvath, Milton M Weiser
Pages: 1467-1485

Adaptation to the Microbial Environment
Linda A. Toth, Clark M. Blatteis
Pages: 1489-1519

The place of Behavior in Physiology
Michel Cabanac
Pages: 1523-1536

Neuroimmunomodulation: Neuroimmune Interactions with the Environment
Novera Herbert Spector, Svetlana Dolina, Germaine Cornelissen, Franz Halberg, Branislav M. Marković, Branislav D. Janković
Pages: 1537-1550